December 11, 2010

My Little Zombie

So, this happened recently...

Sam has been using the d-word lately - death. He doesn't really understand the concept of dying. We've told him that dying means you go away forever, that no one ever sees you again.

The other day we were talking about it and Sam told me that if he died, he would just dig himself out of the ground. That's right, my four year old is fully confident that he will become a zombie. Or a vampire. Either way.

Then Justin was playing a video game with zombies, and Sam started talking about zombie cats. He asked Justin if he knew what a zombie cat looked like.

Then he said Piper (our cat we put down over a year ago that Sam barely remembers) will dig himself out of the ground and become a zombie cat.


In other news, tonight we had our first real family like dinner out. As in, Danny sat in a high chair with the aid of his foam high chair helper thing and banged his hands on the table, chewed the menu, and shoved steak fries in his mouth. It was awesome. He stayed in the chair from the time we got there until I was done eating. YAY! A new phase, and a great one.

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