December 20, 2010

Holiday Break Thoughts

For tonight, a 5 minute free write...

Today was the first day of Christmas break. It will be interesting having Sam home for a whole two weeks with no school. I am incredibly lucky though - I am blessed with grandparents for him who are either retired or teachers. That means that my Mom and her husband have the next two weeks off too! AND my sister is coming up on Wednesday and staying for almost a whole week, which both Sam and I are very excited about.

We didn't leave the house today. After the excitement of our annual Christmas get together with friends yesterday and a very late bedtime last night, I thought it would be fun to just hang out. I played Legos with Sam since he got some new ones last night, then played Speed Racer on the Wii for him to watch even though I'm not very good at it. Then I finally got out my Wii Fit balance board and showed him that game. He thought the hula hooping was pretty funny, and I'd forgotten how much it makes the muscles in my thighs burn. It was pretty cool because I managed to get 20 minutes of exercise that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Also funny because upon logging in, it informed me that I had not been on in over 600 days and have lost 35 lbs since last time I stepped on it.

I am excited about the prospect of being able to get in 30 minutes a day on there, exercise that is convenient and wouldn't happen otherwise. And if I start with the hula hoops, I can get my heart rate up then keep it up with aerobics, running, yoga, and strength training. I decided that for the next two weeks, my goal is not to lose weight but just to try not to gain over the holidays. I'm trying to maintain. It's just not feasible with the parties and dinners and treats to try and push losing weight, and that way I won't beat myself up over it if I don't.

Justin got home around 5 today, which is earlier than usual. I was sort of bummed because I thought he would get to take some days off around the holidays, but it turns out it's actually a really busy time for him at work. He's got a bunch of stuff that he needs to get done before the new quarter starts in January, which means that he's not getting home until 6 most nights. Then my Mom came over, and we had a date night!

We went and ate dinner at the mall, and walked around a little bit. We were both in good moods and it was so great to spend time and just talk and joke around together. Then we went and saw Tron, which was great, and then took the long way home. It reminded me of when we were younger and kidless and used to go for long drives on the weekends sometimes.

So, that was our day today. A pretty good one if I do say so.

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Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love Wii... though I also let huge amounts of time go by without using it. And I'm envious if you're good with the hula hoop, I always fall down and look like a fool!