November 18, 2010

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post.

Friday Fragments are the brainchild of Mrs.4444 and you can find more at Half Past Kissin' Time.

~ You never realize how much you use your left thumb until you cut it in an ill-advised move involving a knife and a bottle of teriyaki sauce, then have a big band-aid on it.

~ The forecast here is calling for snow. If you're not from Washington, you don't know that when it snows here, people FREAK OUT. Even an inch is enough to bring things to a grinding halt. People don't know how to drive and they start stockpiling goods. Last winter it snowed ONCE. This year? It's already snowing before Thanksgiving... I think we're in for it. The only thing I'm looking forward to is watching Sam play in it.

~ Does anyone else out there watch Private Practice? I loved the last minute of last night's episode. The music, the lineup and Charlotte starting to take back control. I think they're handling this storyline really well.

~ I haven't had much energy lately due to the horrible plague that took over my house. As of today, it looks like it's almost over - I'm only coughing in the morning and late at night now. Hopefully that means I'll be able to get back to writing more frequently, I have so much in my head that needs to get out.

~ I had the most pleasant dentist visit yesterday at Willamette Dental in Bellingham. It was so calm and quiet and they were all so friendly. Also, my teeth and gums look "healthy" and my gum pockets have even shrunk some, which is like THE best news in my opinion due to my fear of receding gums and grafts.

~ I finally got in touch with this local photographer about a photo of hers I saw on display and fell in love with. She pointed me to it on her website so I could buy a copy. The photo in question:

There is just something about it that I love! If you're a fan of tulips, check out her page, she's got lots of great pictures of flowers and her travels in Asia.

~ New in my feedreader this week is Curvy Girl Guide. You should check it out, because it's all about real women, living life together and talking about the things that really define us - not our waist sizes or our pudge (or lack thereof), but our stories. Also, it was started by two of my favorite bloggers, and with those two (and a bunch of other awesome ladies) behind the wheel, it's bound to be awesome.

~ Yesterday I was watching this show on TLC about the amazing story of Abigail and Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins who share one body and each have their own heart and head. Sam was watching with me and I asked him what he would do if he met someone who had two heads. He said "Say hello to the both." DUH MOM. Isn't it funny how kids have the simplest answers sometimes?

~ I am SO EXCITED about the new Harry Potter movie that I can't stand it. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see it this weekend.

~ Danny got his first tooth! I hadn't noticed it and we had his 6 month well baby visit this week and got a clear view of it during his after-shot screams. Chomper!

~ Well, I am starting to fade and think it's time to hit the sack. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will hopefully have a chance to visit all you other Friday Fragmenters on Friday after Justin gets home from work.


marthaPA said...

Thanks for stopping by! Kudos should go to my daughter who started the research. Isn't it amazing how one little boo boo" on a finger can be so "handicapping". I think we will wait for HP until the crowds die down, not that we won't be at the theater... We saw Skyline last nite and will head back today for something yet to be decided on! Have a great weekend. Oh I watch Private Practice... Love the show

Jen G. said...

I went to the dentist yesterday too, ha, love my dentist after years of horrible ones. happy weekend. thanks for stopping by my page