November 12, 2010

Friday Fragments: What a week!

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~ What a week! So much has been going on and in our house things have been pretty much halted due to this awful cough that's been residing in our throats. My throat is tickly and raw and Sam has twice coughed until he threw up in the last few days. It's like some kind of horrible, sick symphony around here.

~ Is anyone else watching Top Chef Just Desserts? It is insane. I don't know why, but it's so much more catty/dramatic than normal Top Chef. All I want to say after this week's episode: WTF is wrong with Morgan?! He is crazy and it's like he thinks everyone is out to get him or something. He says the rudest things. He's like the embodiment of "I'm not here to make friends."

~ So, I'm sure that most of you have already read about and formed an opinion about this whole Amazon selling a guide for pedophiles debacle. It's hard to know what to say about it because I'm sort of on the fence. The book is absolutely deplorable and disgusting. But it's not illegal to write or talk about illegal acts. As a person, I think it's really gross that Amazon was selling the book. I don't know. Why don't you go over and read Avitable's post instead? He is smart and the comments are interesting. I feel like my brain is liquefying and running out through my nose right now, so I'm not the most intelligent person in the world at this moment.

~ On another, completely different note... I read two wonderful posts yesterday that boiled down to basic compassion for other people. I wholeheartedly agree with both of these women, and I believe that if we could all treat each other a little more kindly, it would make a huge difference in the world. I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt, because you really never know. Check out Melody's post at The Brave Girls Club, Seeing Past What it Seems and Casey's at Moosh in Indy.

~ Found this cool video through my friend Scott at Pages to Type Before I Sleep.

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

~ I wanted to share this touching post from Burgh Baby. It's worth reading, and if you've got a little extra, why not support Christmas Crazy? The holidays are all about warmth and family and being together for me, and the idea of people not having that sucks. Help some kids have a better Christmas - imagining their faces on Christmas morning is plenty motivation for me.

~ I would like to breathe without hacking. I would also like it if I could breathe through my nose again. Just saying.

~ The whole 'Danny doesn't poop' debacle is still going on. I have a huge post planned about both the kids and our visits to Children's Hospital, I just haven't had time to write it yet. Oh well, he is a happy baby, so that's what matters most, right?

~ I'm gonna go ahead and stop writing now and publish before my kids wake up. I've been up since 6 because even after Danny ate & fell back asleep I was coughing too much to do the same. JOY! Hope everyone has a great weekend and that NONE of you get this horrible thing that's going around.

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Sarah said...

Seriously, Seth scared me far more than Morgan ever could. Really, Morgan is there to win and in the end I kind of like him and his insanity. Certainly more than Yigit or Danielle...I kind of want that straight guy to win *lol* But yes, in the end there is FAR more drama here...and I was SO happy when Heather went home. Sort of like Ivy on Project Runway she was just ramping up the drama to the point I almost didn't enjoy it.

And I totally gotta get on the ball with Christmas Crazy. I've sworn to donate to it this year....maybe once I get some of my payments for my gloves. (P.S. if you still want a pair I can't promise them by Christmas...those orders are full...but when I prepare to make my next order in December I can add your color...unless you want purple which I have plenty of *lol*)