November 9, 2010

Day 7: The Situation Grows Increasingly Volatile

November 9, 2010
21:39 hours

Somewhere in the woods of the American Pacific Northwest

Day 7

The situation in our base camp grows increasingly volatile. I hope that I will be able to finish this log and transmit before another incident occurs.

Subject 1 (infant) has shown improvement with the regular administration of antibiotics. Still exhibiting signs of illness, most notably what my research partner and I agree is the most pathetic sound ever heard, an infantile chest cough. Exertion of cough also causes pink, watery eyes. Subject resists sleeping in any conditions other than being held by an adult.

Subject 2 (juvenile) was showing improvement after appearance of fever on Day 2, which subsided the next day. However, today brought regular bouts of sneezing as well as an increasingly intense cough culminating in a large amount of vomit expelled due to the exertion of the cough. Attempt to medicate juvenile brought on another attack in the closed quarters of the lavatory which almost brought me to retching and was thankfully sanitized by my research partner.

My condition has grown increasingly poor. Today brought more coughing and my voice is now hoarse. The gland in my throat are swollen and tender to the touch, and breathing has become increasingly difficult while prone. My eyes are watery and though afternoons are easier, mornings and nights are difficult.

My research partner managed to venture off base today to site number two, where work needed to be done. However, this evening he exhibits signs of fever - very rare in his medical history.

I can only assume that our base is now harboring germs of intense magnitude, and I warn against breaching our perimeter.

End transmission. 21:48 hours.

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