November 21, 2010

30 Days of Truth Day 6: Let the truth be true

The prompt for Day 6 of 30 Days of Truth is 'Something you hope you never have to do.' Of course there are some very obvious answers to this question. Many people have written about hoping they never have to go through the soul-wrenching pain of losing a child, and I'll tell you - I'm absolutely right there with him. I also hope I don't have to go through the sudden and unexpected loss of my husband, sister or best friend. I hope I never have to feel the abject horror of having my children be abused, or the powerlessness of sexual assault.

So, I'm gonna skip over those ones. For many people, those go without saying. Recently, I saw this preview for the new Liam Neeson movie "Unknown":

And I realized that there is something else that is terrifying to me. Having the entire world think you're crazy when you know you're not. I would imagine that for some people with mental illnesses, that is what it feels like. I hope that never happens to me. I can't imagine the pain and frustration and utter hopelessness of knowing something to be true, but having everyone and everything refute it. It makes me shudder.

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