October 27, 2010

Tired of Twilight? You can still join Team Edward or Team Jacob.

So the other night I was sitting on the couch and Sam was playing on PBS kids and he was playing Thomas the Tank Engine Games and there was a guessing game and the answer was Edward. Then I suddenly started thinking about Team Edward, as in Twilight. Team Jacob, Team Edward. I've always been Team Edward myself. But which team should you choose if you're not into Twilight? Well, here are a few ideas.

Do you like books, but are sick of Twilight? How about the Bible?

Team Jacob Bible

Or Grimm's Fairy Tales?

Team Jacob Grimm

Maybe you don't like books at all, but you like TV.

Team Edward James Olmos

Team Miles Edward OBrien

Team Jacob Lost

Team Edward Mars Lost

Or movies.

Team Edward Norton

Team Edward Scissorhands

Are you into the supernatural, but don't like fiction?

Team John Edward

Maybe you say screw all that, you're a serious guy and you'd rather stick with politics and history.

Team Edwards

Team King Edward I

Or maybe you say screw all THAT, and you're only passionate about fashion.

Team Jacobs

Or, maybe like me, you have kids and can't get them out of your head. You might as well just give in.

Team Edward the Engine

Is this only funny to me? Possibly. Which team are YOU on?

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Alice Audrey said...

Oh! Oh! Sign me up for Team Edward Scissorhands.

Ediehope said...

Well if you put it that way, definitely team Edward (minus John Edwards who turned out to be substandard).

Kimberly Menozzi said...

I'm definitely Team Edward (Izzard). :) Happy TT!

Marianne Arkins said...

LOL... so perfect and yes, fun. I'm sick to death of "Twilight" so give this post a two thumbs up. I think I'll be on team Edward Scissorhands, if I have to choose!

Caridad Pineiro said...

Hilarious! Totally love it.

AdelleLaudan said...

Too funny. I'm signing up for Team Edward (Scissorhands) Not a big Twilight fan here, sorry. Happy T13!

CountryDew said...

I enjoyed this even though I don't really know what you're talking about ...

jen v said...

lolol! Hilarious :)

Have a great Thursday :D

Xakara said...

It's not just you, it's funny. Going on your list, I'd have to say I'm Team Jacob of Lost and Team Edward (James Olmos) :)

Happy TT,

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A Redhead Named Sam said...

What a great list idea! Personally, on Twilight, I'm Team Edward...Vampires have always been my monster of choice; immortal and always soooo cool. ;)

Pam Stokes Hunter said...

Very creative!! I love it!!!

I found you via Saturday Sampling. I am #16 today.

Happy Saturday!


Kelley said...


I want the last one or the scissor dude. Or alternatively, Edward and Edward.