October 27, 2010

30 Days of Truth Day 5: Don't call it a bucket list

The prompt for Day 5 of 30 Days of Truth is 'Something you hope to do in life.'

I guess there are two approaches to today's prompt. One is to create a bucket list of sorts. By the way, I hate the term 'bucket list'. It's just irritating. The other is to choose one thing that would fulfill me in some way and write about that.

Inspired by Audrey, Diane, and others, I was actually planning to do a "40 by 40" list of things I wanted to do in the next decade. Of course when I sit down and try to write it, I can never fill the entire list. So, this seems like the perfect opportunity to share what I've come up with so far.
  1. Attend BlogHer (hopefully more than once)
  2. Get & learn to use a DSLR camera
  3. Sell some of my photos
  4. Win a prize for a photo I've taken
  5. Run a 1/2 marathon
  6. Attend Bloggy Bootcamp (hopefully more than once)
  7. Meet Audrey
  8. Meet Kori
  9. Take a week long trip somewhere by myself
  10. Take a week long trip somewhere with Justin
  11. Own a new car that I picked out
  12. Take Spanish classes with Justin
  13. Weigh 160 pounds
  14. Maintain my new weight
  15. Get boudoir photos taken
  16. Re-learn how to play the piano
  17. Learn to make my own bread
  18. Grow my own vegetables
  19. Learn to bake cookies without a recipe
  20. Take another road trip with Justin one summer (sans kiddos)
I also have a short list of things I want to do in life, but that may or may not begin/end in the next 10 years.
  1. Own a horse
  2. Take horseback riding lessons
  3. Get a puppy and train it into a well behaved dog
  4. Bake a perfect souffle
  5. Have a novel published
  6. Travel to Italy with Justin
  7. Travel to London with Justin
  8. Visit Australia
  9. Make a quilt
  10. Visit a volcano & see flowing lava
  11. Take a mother-daughter trip with my Mom & sister abroad
  12. Visit all 50 states
  13. Help my sons study abroad sometime during college
  14. Buy my Mom a star sapphire
  15. Sing a duet with my Mom at my sister's wedding
I'm sure there will be more, part of the fun is adding to the list as you complete things, right? What's one thing you really want to do in the next 10 years? In life?

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