September 15, 2010


*Spoiler free review in my post, but I welcome ANY insights in the comments. I will post the first comment with some more specifics about little details of the book.*

I have a big list of books I want to read, but I always take notice when 20 people recommend the same book to me and tell me how great it is.

It definitely appealed to me that these are in Young Adult, I love reading YA fiction and science fiction because it's usually a pretty quick read, and they tend to be more character driven than a lot of hard core sci fi stuff.

A couple of months ago, I finally picked up The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read it super fast, and went to the bookstore the very next day to buy and devour Catching Fire, the second book in the trilogy. Then, I had to wait. The good part was knowing that it was only a trilogy, and that once Mockingjay came out, I would have the rest of the story.

I am always amazed by the worlds that authors are able to create. Though I feel like I am a creative person, I can't imagine creating an original world that wasn't completely influenced and made by books I've read and movies I've seen.

I went and bought Mockingjay the day after it came out, but I was so busy that week that I didn't get to it for a little bit. Once I started though, I finished it in a couple of days. Back in my non-kid days I would have read it all in one sitting. Ah, the good old days.

Anyway, I really liked it! I thought it captured a lot of the war in a way that was.

I liked the development of the characters and how she delved in to the situation with Peeta and what had happened to him in the Capital. I found that all three of the books really drew me in and I became attached to the characters.

I was also happy to find this post on MamaPop: You Finished Mockingjay, Now What? Four Book Series To Fill The Gaping Void In Your Soul. I have already read The Giver and the other books that related to it. I highly recommend it for almost anyone to read. I am looking forward to checking out The Last Survivors series.

So, I'm giving this book a thumbs up! I really can't wait to see what Suzanne Collins comes up with next. I'll leave the rest for the comments in case you're reading and haven't finished it yet. If you've already read it, let me know what you thought!


Making It Work Mom said...

So everyone around me is reading and talking about these books. They are just not my type of books - too science fictiony so I have not purchased them. I don't know though I think I may have to cave in and go ahead and get them. That many people can't be wrong.

Kat said...

I too LOVED the series. But I was not nearly as impressed with Mockingjay as I was with the first two in the series.

And I checked out the website you linked to - I have read all of those except for the Uglies series...I had no idea it was dystopian (which is my absolute favorite genre! Not sure what that says about me!). I will second Octavia Butler as an absolutely amazing author. My favorite of hers is a book called "Kindred." She really brings a unique perspective to science fiction as an African American female.

My other suggestion to fill in the Hunger Games gap is 2 new series -- Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien and Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia (the second in the series - Beautiful Darkness - comes out next month.).

Rosalie Richter said...

I bought the book the day it came out and finished it by that evening thanks to my children helping me out all day! hee hee.

I have to say it was good, but I found the previous two to be fantastic, so I was a bit disappointed. Of course this is probably mainly due to the series being over.

What happened to Prim was horrible, I couldn't believe it! There were twists and turns, but not as much as in the first two. I felt the last couple of chapters were "rushed".

Mighty M Family said...

I just heard about this for the first time a couple days ago! I think I need to put it on my "to read" list too!

Rachael1013 said...

Okay, so here are some other things about what I thought!

- I actually liked the way it ended. It was definitely tied up enough for my taste, although I did wonder what they would have named their children.

- I was happy that she ended up with Peeta in the end. I guess I was always on "Team Peeta" for whatever reason. Gale was great, but for whatever reason I just wanted her to end up with Peeta.

- I couldn't believe what happened to Prim. It was so awful.