September 14, 2010

Do you work? aka What do you do all day?

I have recently made a point to answer a certain way when people ask me "Do you work." Saying no? That doesn't cut it. So instead I say "I don't work outside the home." What does that mean? This...

Monday, September 13, 2010

8:30 am - Wake up in bed with the baby on one side and Sam waking up on the other. "It's morning! Let's play hide and seek!" As I try to will my eyes open.

8:45 am - Head downstairs, both children are awake now. Turn on morning cartoons. Make the baby a bottle and an English Muffin for Sam.

9:00 am - Leave kids in TV room. Put in load of laundry and gather changes of clothes from upstairs.

9:15 am - Pick up Danny as he wants me to hold him constantly.

10:00 am - Danny is asleep. Deposit him in his swing. Update Quicken and check over bills due. Do research for articles due tomorrow. Finish and post blog entry for today.

10:30 am - Danny wakes up. Get him out of the swing and feed him.

11:00 am - Put Danny in bouncy chair and wash face & get dressed. Get Danny changed, and give him a suppository to make him poop (my life is awesome).

11:15 am - Eat some chips and salsa while feeding Danny and hanging out with Sam.

12:00 pm - Sam decides he is hungry & wants Mac & Cheese. Thank goodness for Easy Mac. Cook it and help him eat it. He needs to eat quickly so we can get the bus!

12:25 pm - Load the baby in the car and drive to the bottom of the driveway to await Sam's bus.

12:35 pm - Deposit child 1 on bus. Drive to town.

12:50 pm - Costco parking lot is way too crowded for a quick run in to see if they still have those tutus I wanted to get for a friend's daughter's Christmas gift (yes I am already thinking about Christmas... easier on the wallet that way) and a box of crackers for Sam's classroom.

12:55 pm - Exit parking lot, drive to Walgreens and drop off prescriptions that need refills.

1:15 pm - Arrive at doctors office for Danny's 4 month checkup. He is 12 lbs 12 oz and in the 10th percentile for weight. He's smaller than Sam was at 4 months, but is in the 50th for height (25 inches) and head circumference. Doctor will call in a new referral to get us down to Children's Hospital to see someone in the GI department.

2:45 pm - Drive home.

2:55 pm - Arrive home. Transfer sleeping baby into the house. Pay 4 bills.

3:05 pm - Baby wakes up. Make a bottle and feed him while watching some cake show on TV.

3:25 pm - Play with baby.

3:30 pm - Hold sleeping baby. He will wake up if I put him down. Manage to pay the rest of the bills while holding him.

3:45 pm - Deposit baby in umbrella stroller. Walk down to meet Sam's bus.

3:59 pm - See bus whiz by driveway, already 11 minutes late. Contemplate calling the bus garage.

4:05 pm - Bus finally arrives, having turned around. Driver is a sub as there is no permanent driver on our route for the ride home yet. Sam is chatting it up with his friend Alex and the bus driver has to tell him to get off the bus.

4:05 and a half pm - Sam begins whining. He does not want to walk up the driveway. I am determined that this year he will get used to that TINY amount of exercise I am cruelly forcing on him.

4:06 pm - Sam stops whining and we play tag up the driveway.

4:15 pm - Sam is playing with Transformers and I'm nodding off on the couch holding Danny.

4:40 pm - Justin arrives home from work and sits with us. Danny freaks. Justin makes a bottle and he is happy again.

5:10 pm - Justin's Dad shows up at the house. He comes in to say Hi and hold Danny for a while.

5:20 pm - I get in the car to drive in to town for volunteer training. I stop at Subway on the way there and pick up dinner, which I eat in the car as I drive the rest of the way.

6:00 pm - Attend 2 hour training at Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Services to learn how to give The Empowerment Project presentation about Dating Violence and Sexual Assault to students at local schools. I can't wait!

8:00 pm - Training ends. My phone is dead.

8:15 pm - Stop at the grocery store because we are out of cat food. Browse used DVDs at Blockbuster and buy Planet 51, Alice in Wonderland, Coraline and Fame.
Pick up random food items.

9:00 pm - Arrive home. Put away groceries, feed the cat. Let other cats in and out. All three boys are asleep in the TV room. Try to wake up Justin to see if he wants to go sleep upstairs, he says no. Continue putting away groceries.

9:15 pm - See if any new shows have been recorded. Season Finale of True Blood is waiting for me!

9:20 pm - Open the laptop. Write blog entry.

9:30 pm - Begin working on 2 articles due tomorrow.

9:44 pm - Hear Danny wake up in the other room. Make a bottle. Feed him & hold him.

10:09 pm - Try to put Danny down, he wakes up.

10:33 pm - Put Danny in his swing and get back to articles.

11:43 pm - Finish articles and submit them.

11:45 pm - Get formula powder & water ready, take burp cloths and blankets upstairs. Carry Sam upstairs, then Danny. Finally lay down in bed.

12:00 am - Fall asleep.

3:00 am - Wake up to feed baby.

6:00 or 6:30 am - Wake up to feed baby.

8:00 or 8:30 am - Rewind, begin again...


jenburiedwithchildren said...

But I didn't see any time for sitting on your ass to watch soap opera and eat bon bons. 'Cause that is what us SAHM's do. ;)

Mighty M Family said...

I can so relate to this schedule! I don't work OUTSIDE the home either, but I work a lot!

Rachael1013 said...

Yes, I am exhausted a lot!

Cgonzalez said...

I hear ya! When you are home there's no lunch break or anything! They both have there ups and downs, but there's no way it's not alot of work to be home with a kid.

Ediehope said...

Thank-you for taking such good care of my grandsons.

Aging Mommy said...

I do not miss those night time wake up calls and feeds. I used to work very long hard hours, 60 hour weeks and more and travel a lot thinking that was tough, but honestly it was so much easier than being a stay home Mom and I just have one child to run around after.

Jamie said...

I've been a SAHM for 10 years. When someone asks me if I work I say "not outside the home" and I DO work. Your day looks a lot like mine (minus the suppositories). I'm BUSY. I always tell people that stay at HOME mom is a misnomer. I'm hardly ever home!

toddx said...

I'm exhausted just reading this!

Anonymous said...

Greatings, - da mejor. Guardar va!


Shannon said...

Sing it, sister!

I like to say that while I no longer have a job in which I get paid, I still WORK.