August 29, 2010

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is the creation of the beautiful Lotus of i am Lotus (aka Sarcastic Mom). She takes amazing pictures that I'm often jealous of, and her son Braden totally reminds me of my little boy - both the big blue eyes, and the attitude! Here are my winners from this week.

The Fleet




Pretty in Pink


Through the Branches


Blueberry Bliss




For more Weekly Winner photos, visit I am Lotus.


Beth Zimmerman said...

Beautiful pictures!

Comfy Mom said...

Great photos! Love the shadow and last one! Nice Lego vehicles too

CJ said...

Ooo I love your pictures this week! Especially the one through the branches - very cool.

Tara R. said...

Love the shadow capture, very intriguing image.

Tatiana said...

They're all great, but I REALLY love the shadow one. And the lens flare is fab!

Lotus / Sarcastic Mom said...

It's hard to beat a shot of a cute baby, granted, but I LOVE the shadow. :)

Denise said...

The shadow shot is my favorite... beautiful catch. And CUTE baby!!!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

The photos are wonderful. I really like the shadow photo and the sun shining through the trees. It's funny, I took a photo with the sunset through the trees over the weekend. Great minds think alike!