August 22, 2010

Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners is the creation of the beautiful Lotus of i am Lotus (aka Sarcastic Mom). She takes amazing pictures that I'm often jealous of, and her son Braden totally reminds me of my little boy - both the big blue eyes, and the attitude! Here are my winners from this week.

Shockingly good first attempt at cooking real food.






His own moment.


The look.


Grass! I got grass! It feels good!


To see more weekly winners, or join in, head over to i am lotus.


Sarah said...

What ADORABLE shots!! Aww!!

Tara R. said...

Your boys are adorable. That last shot, "I've got grass," is priceless. Love the expression on his face.

nessa said...

Dinner looks very yummy and the babies are so beautiful.

JustMalia said...

Love the "his moment" shot! Wonderful capture & caption.

Terrie said...

the shot of your two boys together is great!

Comfy Mom said...

those are adorable! Love the shot of the two of them together

Jenty said...

LOL that last shot made me smile

Denise said...

Now I'm hungry from that first shot.

But the rest just put a super happy smile on my face. SO precious