August 11, 2010

A Virtual Baby Shower!

I have mentioned Kori several times before, most recently in my Shout Out post this week. Kori blogs at See Kori Rant, and is one of the coolest women I know. She's one of my oldest bloggy friends, an amazing writer, and an even more amazing Mom. She's raising her kids by herself, and I feel lucky that she's shared her journey through her blog.

Earlier this year, Kori found out her 17 year old daughter Hannah was pregnant. Obviously, not the thing that you want to hear from your teenaged daughter, but Kori's managed to handle the whole situation gracefully. Today, Ms. Moon at Bless Our Hearts is throwing Hannah a virtual baby shower!

If you know Kori, I know you'll want to head over there right away and check things out. If you don't know Kori, but you might have some extra resources, I'm asking you to look and see if you can contribute. I know she may be stranger to you, but Kori and Hannah have both been through a lot in the past couple of years. This baby certainly won't be lacking in the love department. But we've all seen rough times, and Kori certainly hasn't been excluded from that. And, unfortunately for those of us with not a lot of resources, love doesn't buy diapers, clothes, blankets or bottles.

Even if you can't contribute that way, won't you consider visiting Ms. Moon's website just to leave some encouragement and your best advice for Hannah? I would really appreciate it!


Kori said...

Thank you so much, my friend. I have missed you, and am sorry I haven't been a very good friend to you lately; you know how it is when life just gets in the way, right? I send you hugs, though.

Ms. Moon said...

Thanks, Rachael!