August 19, 2010

Thursday Thirteen: What I'm Watching This Summer

Summer is nice because it's much easier to keep up on the shows we watch, and we've been able to explore a few new things. Here's what we've been watching.

Psych - It just seems to get better and better. This is absolutely one of my favorite shows on TV. It makes me laugh out loud more than once per episode, and I love the actors and characters in it. The recent UFO themed episode may have been my favorite ever, although watching Dule Hill and Timothy Omundson tap dance was also really funny.

Leverage - We have been enjoying this since the beginning. It's just good, and I like the way they play out the episodes.

Boston Med - TOTALLY addicted. I love this show. Apparently it's a limited run, so the 8th episode was the last one, but I really hope that it will be back in some form.


Warehouse 13

Haven - Based on a Stephen King story... does anyone else ever just wonder about him? I mean, "the troubles"? Where does he come up with this stuff? It's kept me interested for sure!

Persons Unknown - I've continued to watch this, but I'm still not feeling really attached to it.

Burn Notice

Identity - A BBC show about a guy who was an undercover cop for years and now works as part of an identity theft unit. It's pretty good, only six episodes and I'm not sure if it'll return or it was a miniseries.

Sherlock - This one is a BBC 3 part series that will air on Masterpiece Theater in October, but we managed to watch it online. Very enjoyable! It's a modern day Sherlock Holmes, and also has some great storytelling methods.

Unnatural History

Flashpoint - This might be the perfect show for me and my husband. Recently I was at a National Night Out event and got to go inside a mobile command center and a SWAT bus. It was more exciting than it probably should have been. I felt like I was on TV.

Penn & Teller's Bullshit - I guess this show has been on the air for 8 seasons, but we just discovered it in season 6. I love it, it usually leaves me speechless.

Have you been watching anything this summer?

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Enjoy Birth said...

I love a lot of what you put. My big boys are old enough to watch along with some of our shows now. We love watching, Psych, Unnatural History and Eureka all together.

Molly said...

Also, Dule Hill. I want to marry that man. He can tap dance at our wedding.

Molly said...

psych and boston med. LOVE THEM! My mom used to work with the producer, so that's why we started watching it, but I'm totally hooked. I'm sad it's over and I hope it returns.

I've been watching Psych since the very first episode. I adore that show.

Shana Dumblond said...

I love Leverage and Warehouse 13! I'm also loving the current season of True Blood.