August 9, 2010

Tell Me About the Place You Call Home

Today is Day 23 of the SITS BlogFrog 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge!

Today's task is to create a call to action for readers. Many of us are very passive when we visit blogs, and sometimes even just asking people to comment can snap them out of that passive state and get them more involved. Other ways to call readers to action are to post polls, ask them to subscribe, point them to another website or to a product you'd like people to check out.

I admit that this is one of the harder tasks for me to come up with an idea for. Of course I love comments just like anyone, but it seems so simple to just ask you to leave a comment after reading this. But, as Darren points out in his article "Calls to Action - 12 Tips to SNAP Readers out of Passivity" on the Problogger blog, sometimes the simplest actions are the ones that get us somewhere we want to go.

So, I am curious. I always wonder where other people are from, and what speaks to them in that place. Today I am asking you to leave a comment telling me where you are from, and a little about one of your favorite places there. Where do you go in your town or city that really just embodies the spirit of the place for you? I'll start...

I live in Bellingham, WA. It's a city about 1.5 hours north of Seattle and only about 30 minutes from the Canadian border with a population of about 80,000. We have a college here, Western Washington University, so parts of Bellingham are quite college-towny. One of my favorite places in Bellingham is a particular block of Railroad Ave. downtown. On that block you will find The Bagelry, one of my favorite places to have breakfast or lunch. They make their own fresh bagels, the staff is mostly young artistic-seeming types, they have a huge wall of fliers and posters for upcoming local events, and always have art from a local artist on the walls. On the same block you'll find Mallards Ice Cream. They make flavors like Yrba Matte and Earl Grey and Hibiscus Mint Leaf Ice. Mmmm... Across the street you'll find Avalon, a CD store that sells music, posters, and... glass art would be a proper way of putting it if you're put off by pipes and bongs. Next door is Hohl Feed and Seed where we often go to peek at the rats, the biggest guinea pigs I've ever seen, bunnies and baby chicks. Also on this block, you'll find a taco store, a burger joint, a coffee shop, a candy shop, a couple of secondhand stores and a large gift shop where they sell things like jewelry, cards, and photo frames. It's eclectic, it's fun to look at, it's tasty, it's artsy and it's comfortable. Bellingham.

Okay... your turn. Don't feel like you have to be as long-winded as me... :-)


Ruthy T. said... that place! I'm currently kinda homeless...hubby and i just got back from a 6 month honeymoon abroad, went on a road trip and are now looking for jobs and a place to live. we've got very generous friends in Puyallup, WA where we are staying until we find jobs. I'm a military brat, and have moved about once a year, but the place most "home" to me is San Diego.

Ally said...

Hi Rachael! Dropping by from 31DBBB. I'm late cause I just came back from vacation and missed about 5 day's worth.

Anyways... I'm from Canada. Vancouver area, so an hour away from you, without traffic. We passed by Bellingham last week actually to get to Southcenter mall. That place is huge.

Lojo said...

I've lived in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada for about five years now, but I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I miss the riverbank during the summer in Saskatoon, and walking Broadway at night and catching some live music. People there are mellow and eclectic.

I'd say the thing/place that defines the vibe in Red Deer is actually leaving the city, either for the country side, lake, or the mountains. Not much for an active, urban vibe here.

Maureen said...

Hi Rachael, I love your new look! It's so pretty and serene :D

I live in Indonesia, by the capital city called Jakarta. I don't really have a favorite place in Jakarta but I love Bali and Lombok, two islands with nice beaches. Speaking of...wish to go there for vacation soon :D

Btw, does it rain a lot at your place? I heard it rains a lot up there in WA.

Making It Work Mom said...

I live in Blackstone, Massachusetts. Our neighboring town is actually Bellingham, MA. Coincidence. My husband and I met in the MA and then moved to North Carolina and then back to MA. He really loves MA!!! I love our location because I love how easily we can get everywhere. We are about 45 minutes from Boston, 20 minutes from Providence, RI and 3.5 hours from NYC. My children love NYC.

For me it is not so much about the "place" I live, but more about the people I surround myself with. We are in a good place right now. We have good friends with children of similar ages whom we enjoy socializing with. Our children are incredibly active making memories that will last them a lifetime.
So though I am not so much in love with my town I am in love with my life.
Thanks for making me think about it!

Syd said...

I <3 Bellingham. I am in Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island. My current favorite place in town is the nature walk they constructed last year down by City Beach. Actually, I love all the hiking trails on the island. They make me feel so peaceful. It's been too long since I've been out there (of course I just had a baby so there is time).

I'm originally from Texas, south of Houston and I've lived in Austin and Raleigh, NC.

@Lojo: I love the band "Girl from Saskatoon" Have you heard them.

polishedportrayal said...

I live in Beaumont Alberta, which is a growing town just outside of Edmonton- where I was born and raised. The area is growing so rapidly, it's coming close to connecting with the city, which is all kinds of convenient for us.

My favorite place here, is our home. Not just for the wonderful memories we've shared, but because it's totally baby proof. Our back yard is all kinds of amazing, with its greatest feature being the fence. Everywhere we go, I spend 95% of the time chasing my son down, but here? I can play, play, play and not worry about one of the kids wondering off and getting hurt.

I'm sure that this will change, the sooner the better. But right now, home is where its at.

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Your hometown sounds wonderful.

We live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. We're settled and plan to stay in this house until all of the kids move out (a long time from now!), but this isn't our ideal location. My husband started his own business two years ago, and we need to stay near DC for work.

Cristy said...

Hi Rachael!

Love the new look. You're an inspiration as I try to catch up on Problogger Challenge!

vahnee said...

Bellingham sounds really sweet!

I live in Los Angeles, in Hollywood to be exact. Sure, there's all the cliches, but it's such a huge place and so spread out that it's hard to pick just one area as my favorite. There's our amazing local Hollywood Farmers Market (that's a whopping 4 blocks long, and the huge Griffith Park nearby, which has tons of free things to do with kids & family. I love that there are very few foods I can't find here, from exotic Malaysian noodles to authentic English fish & chips. :-) And of course, the coast & beaches, for surfing or just hanging out with friends & family.

Nessa said...

I live in New Jersey across the river from Philadelphia. We are centrally located so we can visit Philadelphia, New York City and the beaches all within a few hours. But i prefer to stay home where i can get some peace and quiet.

Jenniferdknick said...

I live in Spokane, WA and just love it here. The weather, the small town, the big city... Spokane has it all!
I have a brother who attends WWU in Bellingham and works in a bohemium coffee shop there. Love it!

Molly said...

I was in New York City for four years, now I'm back in the burbs.

For me, in the burbs, it's the car. Driving on the highway lateish at night, in the summer with the windows down and my sister in the passengers seat as we blast music and sing along. Everything just seems ok in that moment.

In the city? Probably the walk between my dorm and my favorite deli. It's just so calming. Just the right distance.

Carolyn said...

Regina, Saskatchewan has been home for the last 11 years, 10 in the same house. We've discovered some bike trails outside the city that are great, and recently rented kayaks for the first time in the lake in the city center park. Both things that make me happy to live here.

Rachael1013 said...

I love driving. One of my favorite things is driving down the roads around
my house in the countryside when it's sunny & warm, listening to the radio
with the windows down. It really is almost like therapy sometimes.

Rachael1013 said...

It rains a TON. The winters are just rainy day after rainy day. But I
still like it here, even though it gets old sometimes.