August 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my Mama's birthday!

She is 51 today, and looking amazing, of course.


When I first met her, she looked like this:


Yes, that fat oblong head baby is me.


I may still be fat, but at least my head got rounder.

There are so many reasons why I love my Mom.

She did not have a childhood nearly as good as mine, but she managed to turn that around and be an amazing Mom to me and my sister.


She took care of us as a single mother while completing her bachelor's degree.

She always made sure we had everything we needed.

She may have made a few questionable choices along the way. Like allowing me to dress myself.


And that wood paneled station wagon.

But, I forgive her.

She didn't spoil us, and she taught us to take care of ourselves and take responsibility for our own actions.

Every year for my birthday, she bakes me a delicious pecan pie, because it's my favorite.

At my wedding, she gave me a ring just like the one she has worn for years with my birthstone and Justin's. When Sam was born, she added an emerald, and now I'll get another for Danny.


When I was pregnant with Sam, she told me that if I wanted to stay home with him instead of working we could find a way. She was right, and she gave me the push I needed to realize that I could do it, and that I wanted it more than anything.

She taught me how to be a good mother.

Now, my kids get to experience the awesomeness of her love, they get to have the best Grandma they could even hope for.



She babysits my kids every week or two so that my husband and I can nurture our relationship, because she knows how important it is. Not only that, but she has finally found a partner that I think will last the rest of her life, and provided another amazing grandparent for my children.

When she married him, she wore a real wedding dress since she hadn't the other times. She looked amazing.


She is still a wonderful example, she loves with all of her heart, but takes care of herself at the same time.


And I get to watch my kids with her, and it fills my heart with joy. Sam talks about her all the time. On Monday night, he said he wanted to go live with her.


Happy Birthday Mommy. I love you!


Beth said...

Aww Happy Birthday to a wonderful woman I have some great memories that include you in them as well!!!!

Syd said...

Beautiful. Happy birthday to your mother.

Aging Mommy said...

Oh what a beautiful post and tribute to your Mom on her birthday. The love and friendship you share together shines through in every word and line you have written. Enjoy celebrating this special day.

Brieshon said...

Happy birthday, Edie! Thanks for taking care of my friend Rachael over the years - you're an amazing mama!

Shannon said...

Awww! Hope your mom had a great birthday!

Ediehope said...

All of you young moms-when you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do or when you feel guilty for making a mistake (real or perceived), or when you are so exhausted from trying to perfectly meet everyone's needs that you can't do anything but cry or stare into space-remember that it is all for the purpose of putting beautiful, loving, thoughtful, amazing people into the world. The day that you are honored that way I am in this post, you will know that you did your job well. Frankly, I feel like everything else I do in life is just gravy. The world is a better place because of the existence of my two daughters. Happy, happy me.