July 30, 2010

Friday Fragments: WHAT is going on?!

Mommy's Idea

Friday Fragments are bits and pieces of your week that are usually brief; too short for a stand-alone post, but too good to discard. Collect humorous observations, "Heard" items, and other small gems and put them together in a Friday Fragments post. Friday Fragments are the brainchild of Mrs.4444 and you can find more at Half Past Kissin' Time.


On Thursday, we received our ballots in the mail for the Primary Elections in WA. In our state, all voting is now done by mail - no more going to the polls. The only thing I don't like about it is that I will never get a little oval shaped "I voted" sticker - I think they should send me one with the ballots.

ANYHOW, I opened it up to see what we were voting on this time around and started laughing. Please see exhibit 1: Scanned ballot (thanks Justin!). Read the highlighted entries.

2010 Primary Ballot - WA District 42

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MY BALLOT?! First there is Goodspaceguy. Then there is Mike the Mover. Here is a screenshot of the front page of his website (click to enlarge):


I feel like a crazy person, but am also kind of excited both of these people got on my ballot.


Also on Thursday, we went out to lunch at one of my favorite places in Bellingham, The Bagelry. Then we walked around, then got ice cream at Mallard Ice Cream, a local place that makes their own ice cream and often has cool weird flavors like Yerba Mate, Earl Grey, and Lavender. Today I tasted Cookies & Kremlin, which is cookies & cream but with their version of a 'White Russian' ice cream - coffee & white chocolate - and Hibiscus Mint Leaf Ice. OMG. I almost couldn't choose they were both so good. I went with the Ice because it was weird and refreshing.


Justin and I got to go out last night to a movie, and we went and saw "Salt." I liked it! I am not always a giant fan of Angelina Jolie, but I really enjoyed watching her in this movie. It had a good twist. Also Liev Schrieber and Chiwetel Ejiofor are two of my favorite actors, so I was happy they were both in it.


I have finally started using Firefox again after the other day I had about a billion tabs open in IE and Justin said it was taking up a lot of memory. Then I remembered the plugin for Google Reader that allows it to open up the original page right in the reader. OMG, SO convenient! Now I don't HAVE to open a billion tabs because I can just click through and comment right away. So nice.


Can we talk TV for a minute? First off, this week's Psych was probably my favorite episode ever. Freddie Prinze Jr was hysterical and I think I laughed out loud about 15 times. Also, is anyone else watching So You Think You Can Dance? There were some REALLY good routines this week, choreographer Stacey Tookey was ON FIRE. Guys, I am not one to usually get all emotionally involved and cry, but I totally cried at the end of Robert & Kathryn's routine when she picked up the bag and walked away. Then Billy & Ade? Rocked it. I am having a hard time - before this Wednesday, Kent was my fav for sure. I LOVED watching his Broadway routine, I could watch him dance that style for hours. But Robert was SO good this week! And Lauren is so good! Also, I totally love Adam Shankman for his fast talking and saying "balls out" on national TV.


This video hardcore made me wish I had been at ComiCon.


Do you watch The Daily Show & The Colbert Report? We do. And love them. This week my favorite thing was Stephen Colbert interviewing Kevin Kline.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Kevin Kline
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News


I watched the first season of The Guild online this week. It's a web series about a bunch of people who play a World of Warcraft type game together and start meeting IRL. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am looking forward to watching more. I think Felicia Day is pretty great!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Jene said...

I'm jealous, we never get any interesting candidates in the conservative wasteland of greater Cincinnati. LOVE Jon Stewart, wish he was my boyfriend.

Speaking of ice cream, have you ever tried the Ben & Jerry's Colbert flavor called Americone Dream? VERY tasty!

Have a great weekend :)

Tammy@ Not Just Paper and Glue said...

LOL - love your candidates! I have never heard of not going to the polls - that is very interesting.

It took a while for us to switch to firefox but I love it - hubby still uses IE...

Doreen McGettigan said...

I would hate mail in ballots..I love going to the polls and seeing all the crazy goings on there like the Black Panther's, the Acorn people and just people watching in general. That ballot was funny though!
Have a great weekend..

April said...

LOVE SYTYCD!! I still miss Alex, but I loved Kent's routine.
I still need to catch up on my Daily Shows this week. I've only seen Monday's episode. Not sure if I like his beard!

Justin said...

I have to say, even with the craziness of the ballots... Once you get past the names, their platforms aren't too bad. Well, I'm not quite sure what to think of GOodspaceguy wanting to spend a large amount of public funds on research into Rejuvenation Therapy and space colonies when we can't even manage to deal with our own colonies down here. But the rest of his views on more... normal issues are not too bad.

And Mike the Mover is actually a mover, and set up his "campaign site" on his moving company's website. But if you look at some of the essays he's written, he is a very smart man. He actually wrote a legitimate essay on why Eastern Washington should become their own state, and historical references like the splitting of North Dakota and South Dakota. Considering how much the majority of Eastern Washington despises the liberal elites in Olympia and complain about how all of the public funds go to the Seattle area, why not? Oh, I remember... because their economy would tank if they split off and didn't have the state revenue that comes from Western Washington :)

In any case, I probably won't vote for either of them, since I dread the thought of having Dino Rossi in the senate. When will he just go away?

Oh, and Rachael... I forgot to mention that I'm a secret Russian spy and have to leave town for a while. I probably won't be home for dinner.

Jamie said...

I would vote for Mike the Moving Guy. Seriously. I would

Dot said...

I really love your Friday Fragments post! I always have little things I'd like to blog about put don't - when I realize there's not enough for a substantive post. You've solved the problem neatly!

The Guild is one of my favorite shows. I'm so happy I discovered you through the ProBlogger’s 31DBBB/SITSGirls Challenge!

Mrs.Mayhem said...

Those candidates are flippin hilarious!

Cheryl D. said...

Hi! I'm visiting from day 14 blog frog forum of 31DBBB. Nice blog! I live in California, so we have our share of crazy elections, like the race for governor back about 8 years ago. Yikes!

Beth Zimmerman said...

Found you through #31dbbb and now following. That ballot is a riot! Can't believe those 2 entries seriously got on there!

Crabby Mommy said...

I wish I had kept a copy of the California ballot from a few years back when we had something like 100+ people running for governor. You know there had to be some interesting candidates in that pool!

tvchiq :) said...

it's so funny because I just watched Kevin Kline's interview tonight on Comedy Central/"On Demand" and it was so good...I love Colbert and Kline...tho I was a bit disappointed b/c I thought he would asked something funny about Phoebe Cates...but, it was still enjoyable...so funny that I watched it tonight and then later read your post...once, again--you have very good taste.. :)

Scraps said...

I am intrigued! A plugin for Reader that means I don't have to go to the site?! Off to find that one, pronto!

Kirby3131 said...

I love my Google Reader. I have over 2000 unread posts in there, but I love it :) I have 5 tabs open at the moment. haha I can't help it. I have a short attention span lol

Kristin - The Goat