June 3, 2010

One Month. Two Birthdays. Welcome to the Nuthouse!

Shannon from Welcome to the Nuthouse has the honor of providing the last post for the SNOTW Birthdaypalooza. I love Shannon's blog because she always makes me laugh. She also loves things I do. Like Daniel Craig. And Lost. And Glee. And a good book.

Also like me, she has daughters born both in the same month! Well, mine are sons, but the same month. I am currently ALREADY wondering how we'll handle the birthday so close together, so this post definitely made me think!


Planning birthday parties for my kids probably shouldn't be as hard as I make them out to be. (But I'm a little bit of a control freak)

I have two daughters, both born in February; they're only 2 years apart in age. The first few birthdays were easy... we just invited the family over to the house for cake and ice cream. And for their 2nd/4th birthdays, I was even able to throw a joint party! Over and done with in one day!

But all that changed when my oldest turned 5.

She was in preschool and wanted to have a party with her friends.

And so it began. The pressure to pull off the "Best Birthday Party EVER!"

That year her party was held at a local indoor playground. Since then, my girls have had their parties at a local rec room, gymnastic center, and this year, I allowed them to have a slumber party (note to self: Never. Again.)

Deciding on the party "theme", buying the plates/cups/napkins/party favors, baking the cake/cupcakes, making goody bags, mailing the invitations (and then the thank-you notes, after the party)... and then there's the actual party: cutting the cake, serving the cake/cupcakes/ice cream/drinks, opening gifts, playing games, breaking the pinata, the clean-up when the party is over... it's enough to drive me bonkers!

One year, my oldest wanted to have her party at the local indoor playground again... but to save money, we decided to use the local rec room. During the party, I overheard my husband say "I think I would have rather done this at Partyville and let them do all this work".

It's a good thing there wasn't a sharp object within my reach, is all I'm sayin'.

My oldest is now 9 and I admit I am glad she's getting "too old" for birthday parties! We've told her this was her last (thankfully, she's ok with that!)

My youngest just turned 7, so I still have a few more parties to throw for her (it's only fair she get the same number of parties her big sister did, right?)

Maybe by the time she reaches age 9, I'll still have some of my sanity left.



Dumblond said...

Ha! You think throwing joint birthday parties for two girls is hard? My mom would throw joint birthday parties for me and my brother!! Weird....

Brandy said...

wait until they are teenagers.

Ash said...

Seriously, I have to do something big for 8?

How about you and I start a movement that 7 is the limit for big birthday parties.

Who's with us?!

Heather said...

I am all about making the birthday kid feel really special on their actual day of birth (gift, meals of their choice, maybe an evening out), but I don't often go crazy on the birthday party thing. We've had our share of the bouncehouse parties, and sleepovers, and lots of family cookouts, even a tea party for Isabel when she turned seven. Now Elijah would prefer a better gift than a party, and Isabel just wants to have fun with her friends (remember the 80's party?). Gabe still wants the themed party deal, and I'll probably do a couple more of those. Ten years old seems to be our limit around here for the party thing.

tulpen said...

I'm terrible at planning parties. I choose the museum or bowling alley venue.

I had a friend with tween daughters who rented a huge movie screen to put up in the back yard. the girls all got in their jammies and sat outside watching High School Musical. I thought that was the best. idea. ever.

Shannon said...

Thanks again, Rachael, for asking me to guest post! I was more than happy to!

Dumblond: Yikes! I can't imagine having to share a bday party with my brother!

tulpen: That is the best idea!

Jane's Art said...

LOL.....I have enjoyed Partyville on occasion I admit! The boys parties have been easy.....we usually do them at the house or church and I throw hubby into the frey to keep control while the moms and I chat!! Somehow don't think that's gonna work with my girl!

CaraBee said...

Another reason not to have another kid. Fewer parties to plan. :)