June 1, 2010

Birth: Dooce Style

Today's birth story comes from Heather Armstrong of Dooce. I love her blog, and think she's a great writer (and photographer) who manages to capture the day to day so well. Also, she is really funny. Heather is one of the BIG names in the blog world, and a real life author with actual books, so due to copyright issues I couldn't get permission to republish her stories here.


I found Heather's posts about the birth of her 2nd daughter, Marlo, which she wrote last July and August, very inspiring. So I decided that even though I couldn't republish them here, I would love for more people out there to read them. You'll have to click through to the links, but trust me, it's TOTALLY worth it!

In the first part of Heather's story, which can be found here, she talks about reaching her 30th week of pregnancy without giving much thought to the birth. But then, she was exposed to something new when she received a copy of Ricki Lake & Abby Epstein's book "Your Best Birth." And she began to wonder if perhaps she was up for something different.

In part two of her birth story, located right here, Heather talks about how she went through much of her pregnancy simultaneously with her assistant Katey. Katey was 6 weeks ahead of Heather in her pregnancy, and with Katey's birth experienced just how powerful and positive birth can be.

In the third and final installment, found here, Heather describes her experience bringing Marlo into the world naturally. Reading her story, and seeing the pride and power and everything else she felt is amazing.

So, thanks to Heather for sharing her experience and story. It is a great example of how much our thoughts, our minds, affect our experiences and how we can choose to do things the way we really want to do them!

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Syd said...

Oh my heck! I love this story. I've read it before but thank you for posting it. I just read it again and laughed and cried out loud. I'm 11 days until my due date so this was the perfect remedy for my "in the home stretch" mood. Thank you thank you.