May 3, 2010

Welcome to SNOTW's Birthdaypalooza!

In addition to having something in my belly, I have something up my sleeve!

There are things inside things everywhere up in this joint.

So, it's possible that being 9 months pregnant has made me a teeny bit crazy. Which is one good reason that I should probably stop trying to write blog posts.

Also, I am going to have a baby, and though I'd like to think he'll be a nice guy I don't think he'll be nice enough to sit down and let me write, or let me get enough sleep that what I wrote would be coherant.

Instead, I have something special for you all during the month of May!

Welcome to SNOTW's Birthdaypalooza!

Starting tomorrow, I have a full month of posts from my favorite people, all with a birth or birthday theme. I have been so excited as the posts have come in, and I know you will all enjoy them too!

Sit back, relax, and help me celebrate the birth of this new baby, as well as the birthdays of my first son AND husband, which both fall during the month of May.


Dumblond said...

Sounds like your Mays are going to be like my Aprils. I have six family members with April birthdays and there is also an anniversary too!
And I sent you an email with my post...oh I suck.

Syd said...

What a great idea! Looking forward to it.

Shannon said...

Woohoo! Let the Birthdaypalooza begin!

Hope you're feeling great and have a Happy Mother's Day!