May 25, 2010

Mother's Day: What We REALLY Want

Today's post comes from Maegan, who writes over at Mom to Bee. Meagan ALWAYS makes me laugh, and I look forward to reading about her adventures with her daughter. She's also a fellow Pacific Northwester, which gives her a special place in my bloggy world.

Maegan is one of my fellow pregnant bloggers. Following along with a couple of other moms to be while I've been pregnant has made this pregnancy a lot of fun in my little online world! She is also clever enough to name ALL of her posts with song titles, and let me tell you, she finds the weirdest and most perfect songs somehow! This one's pretty simple, but ladies - I think she's on to something here!


Mother's Day

On the second Sunday of May, every year, families all around the nation come together to celebrate Mother's Day. Flowers, chocolate, breakfast in bed. When you think about it, it's kind of the least that husbands and children can do for having to poop a kid out of your babyhole. And I'm not even talking about the day in/day out 24/7 joy that is being a mother.

Honestly, I think the moment you squirt that baby out in the hospital, your family should be bound in contract to provide you at least one day a year full of pampering and (of course) chocolate.

While most families will come together for mom, a cute little Hallmark commercial day filled with kids lovingly waking up mom with breakfast in bed, I'm not a fan. The kids waking me up early on MY day?! NO THANK YOU.

In fact, this year, I cautiously suggested to Mr. Bee that the best Mother's Day present of all might be, well, you know, not seeing the family for an entire day...

All I know is while you suckers were getting woken up at the crack of dawn by your little boogers darlings, I was sleeping in after an entire evening to myself in a hotel room.

Does that make me a horrible mom or an evil genius? I say a little of both maybe.

Song title: Mother's Day by 7 Seconds

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