May 12, 2010

Just Another Day

Today's birthday month post comes from the wonderful Nicole. Nicole blogs at one of the first birth related blogs I started reading, Bellies & Babies. She is a mother of 5 and wife to one. She fills her time as a childbirth educator, doula, and activist in her community striving for mother-friendly, woman-centered health care.

Nicole also contributes to the wonderful site
Inspiring Birth Stories, which is a great resource for positive and uplifting stories of awesome births!


Just Another Day

She wakes, joyful.
all the night long, softly rocking
gently embracing
her womb enticed her
bringing hope
like lilting butterflies
upon her spirit

breakfast baking
humming melodies
her partner waking
birds are chirping
and coffee warms him
smiling secretly
she beckons him
to return to bed
once more before leaving

alone at home
she sings lullabyes
swaying her hips
and baking cookies
for a friend
stopping to hold
her unborn babe
when her womb
brings her breathless
once more

Walking slowly
skirt swirling in the breeze
she throws her head back
and feels sunshine bless her
upturned face
she is power, amazing
beautiful, blossoming
her eyes hold
a secret, her secret, alone

"dearest friend
come join me"
she whispers her secret
to another womb
a gasp
delighted smiles
and a tender touch
long walks
shared smiles
gentle hands
and hard work

picnics and pictures
in a field filled with flowers
pasta, vegetables
fresh fruit
and last minute blessings
lifelong friends

resting on a hill crest
toes dig into cool mud
hand find soft grass
and she bleets like a lamb
"please call my lover"
as her child stirs
her brow sweats
firm hands
bring her back
as her body melts
home-coming, again

Dark room
and softly filckering flames
gentle waves of
warm water crest over
her firm belly
lovers hands
caress her breasts
and lovers kisses
bless her lips
moans and gentle smiles
float about the room

Murmurs, hushed voices
filter from the kitchen
where busied women
hasten to bring
soft, fresh baked bread
and savory broth
an offering, an energy
wisened, wrinkled hands
tell it is almost
time to welcome her

Softly stretching
Moving fluidly
through the water
many sets of
gentle hands
attend to her body
caressing, loving, supporting
pressing outward
a small life flows
forth and into the loving
hands of a family

between cool sheets
and warm downy blankets
a family embraces
Satisfied sighs
and softened smiles
gifts remaining
friends departing

Latching doors
full bellies
warm teas steaming
settling in
the soft moon rises
A celebration
an annointing
a family
another day

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