May 4, 2010

Her Own Three Amigos

To kick off our month of birth/day themed stories, please welcome Shana from Utterances! Shana is one of my favorite bloggers, and someone I consider a friend. She makes me laugh and I'm always finding out new things we have in common! Don't forget to head over and check out her blog after you're done here, it's SO worth it!


I don't remember the day of my birth. It was a long time ago and I was pretty young.

I don't remember when my first brother (Bug) was born either. I was pretty young then too.

Barely two.

I've seen a few pictures.

Not of the births! Eww. Have you seen a baby being born?! It's not pretty.

I've seen pictures of my parents holding the cute little people that were myself and Bug.

So young, so parents. Knowing so little about what they were doing to themselves...Having a brother so close in age, we got up to a lot of the same mischief. And having birthdays in the same month, we had a lot of joint birthday parties. What a pain. Birthday parties for one kid suck to put together...

I do remember my second brother's (Skeeter) birth. I remember wanting a sister. Badly. But no! Another brother...and he decides to be born when Mom was supposed to come with our Girl Scout troop and be in a parade!! That kid was just full of inconveniences from day one! I won't go into how my little heart melted when I went to the hospital and held him for the first time...I still hold that parade against him. Yes, he was a little cutie and I changed my first diapers with that kid. Okay, maybe having two little brothers would be okay.

Barely four years later, another baby on the way! Oh yeah, this time for sure I'm getting that sister! I can see it clearly. Putting her in dresses, giving her the finer points of Barbie ownership. And finally having things gender equal in the house!

Mom's water breaks. Woohoo! Off to Gramma and Grampa's house to await the arrival of my baby sister! I'm playing with some toys, occasionally giving a contemptuous glance to the two brothers. That's right. Soon, I will no longer be out numbered. You will be surrounded on both sides. One big sister to smack you up top and a little sister to get your ankles! Gramma gets the phone call. Here it comes! "You have a new"


Things get a bit hazy. I think I went into a rage coma.

I do remember not being happy. At. All. Gramma tried to console me. Nope. Not having it. Dad showed up later to take us to the hospital and tried to console me. Nope. Not having it. I knew they were not going to have any more kids. Number four would be their last. Save your pity. I am a sea of urine. Because boys are icky and don't know how to aim those things!

I nurse my indignation...until I see the baby. He is so round (hence the nickname Charlie Brown) and beautiful and I love him DARNIT! My mom tells me that he will grow up and love me more than just a sister; I'll be like a second mommy. And with three younger brothers, it's like I have my own Three Amigos! Hey, I like that movie. And she was right. CB has told me more than once that he always considered me his second mom. I just love that kid.

Growing up with three younger brothers has been an unexpected blessing. I love them all very much and wouldn't trade them for anyone, not even a younger sister. At least I didn't have to share my makeup.

Although there was that one time...

I had to help him apply that lipstick.

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You are too kind. And I love the title you gave the post!