May 21, 2010

Celebrating with a Unique Gift

Our month of birthday posts continues with a super idea from Jill of Scary Mommy. Hers is one of the blogs I've been reading longest, and she always has great ideas and stories to make me laugh.

Happy Birthday to the Chef
Originally published May 2009

Since last year, every birthday boy or girl we’ve celebrated with received either an Arts & Crafts Bucket or Bath Time Bucket. I love making them, but they’ve now made the party circuit and I wanted to come up with a new staple gift that’s economical, unique and fun…


I present you with my Little Chef Bucket. I still had left over buckets, but when I run out I’ll use a bright mixing bowl instead. I filled them with a mini rolling pin, measuring cups and spoons, a box of sprinkles ($1.99-2.99 from Michael’s) and dollar store cookie cutters (10 for a dollar.)


I also made up a few recipe cards with kid-friendly recipes and a label that can easily be personalized. {If anyone wants to snag this idea, you can find them here, here, here and here.} I printed them on card stock and trimmed and mounted them to be more durable. Then I wrapped it up with shrink wrap, a bow and another cookie cutter.


I really wanted to include a cotton chef’s hat, but was trying to keep it around $15. When I want to spend a little bit more, I’ll put a kid’s apron at the bottom. Ikea has some great kids cooking stuff too, so next time I’m there I’ll stock up. I’m dying to make this into a gingerbread version for the holidays. You think May too early to start those?


Mimi said...

How adorable!

Janelle said...

These are a great idea!