May 31, 2010

Amazing Births

Today's birthdaypalooza post is a couple of my very favorite birth videos I watched in the last few months when I was getting ready to make my own. They are absolutely amazing, and I wish that along with the dated, stupid videos they showed in health class in high school they would show some videos like these.

The first is the birth of Malakai. He was born in a hospital, but this hospital is what I feel all hospitals should strive to be. The mother is allowed to give birth in the way she wants to, and after the baby is born she still has all the support of a medical staff and the comfort of knowing they are there for her and her baby.

It would be amazing if the majority of hospitals made this kind of birth available for women.

The second video is of a woman in Australia having her baby. It's not so out of the ordinary until the baby is born and her reaction moves me to tears every time.

The third video is something crazy and amazing. This is a video of a woman having an unplanned home birth. You can read the full story here about how this happened. In a nutshell her labor was only a couple of hours long and when she went to use the toilet before the half hour drive to the hospital, baby had other plans. The most amazing thing to me about this is the calm - it really shows that even in this unexpected situation the mom is FINE. The dad manages to delivery the baby VERY calmly (my husband said he would definitely not stay so cool), and it's beautiful.

Please be aware before watching that this is a GRAPHIC video that shows the baby crowning and being born.

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Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

All I can say is...WOW.

I wish my births had been different. I really do. I'm so glad you've become so empowered by all of this Rachael. I think it's a wonderful thing!