May 9, 2010

40 Weeks

Baby Danny is due today.

I am not feelin' anything.

I am so tired of being pregnant.

I am so anxious to meet my baby.

Mothers Day isn't making me happy this year.

The day started out with an argument over who would get up with Sam. Though I suppose I "won," I ended up not being able to go back to sleep because I was so upset, then gnawing pregnant lady hunger set it and it was no use.

I haven't gotten a Happy Mothers Day from anyone in this house.

I know it's sort of a stupid holiday, but a card or some flowers at least would be nice.

Everything feels tense.

All I want for Mothers Day this year is to meet my baby.

And be able to wear different pants.

It's a beautiful day out but I don't feel like enjoying it.



Syd said...

Well poop! Happy Mother's Day, I know it's not the same as hearing it from you honey but I hope it helps.

Also, I hope you feel the contractions soon. Hang in there.

Enz said...

Sending "come on out" vibes to Danny and hugs to you.

Shannon said...

Awwwww. Hang in there! He will be here before you know it.

And Happy Mom's Day to you! Hope your day got better!

Dumblond said...

Oh sweetie. It is so hard when that due date comes and goes and no baby. I went through that with my son and it was soo frustrating!
Happy Belated Mother's Day!