April 19, 2010

Cutting Cuts

To snip, or not to snip?

That was the first line of this post when I saved it in my drafts folder. I was going to write a whole post about circumcision. Having 2 boys, it's a relevant issue in my life. I thought it would make a good discussion topic and I would find some information online to talk about, and discuss why we made the decision we did.

Then I sat down to write it. I opened a bunch of tabs and started looking at information about circumcision. And then? I decided I didn't want to write that post.

The same old information is out there that was when we made our decision about Sam. There do seem to be minor health benefits to circumcision, but some people don't think they're enough. There are tons of opinions out there, and most of them are pretty strong. I don't WANT to argue about it. I don't WANT to educate anyone. I don't really WANT to talk about it.

In the end, it's a personal choice that we've made, and I don't need to defend or explain it to anybody else. I don't care about influencing anyone else's decision about what to do with their son, and I don't really need to hear anyone else's opinion about what we did/are doing with ours.

So now, here I am with a whole post about not writing this other post. That's good blogging if I've ever seen it! Um... okay maybe not.

Instead, let's talk about another cut. On Saturday, my Mom threw me a baby shower. Beforehand, I was in the kitchen making guacamole. Now, I have been making guacamole for years. I have cut up dozens of avacados in my life. So, you MIGHT think that by now, I would know to be really careful when removing the pits. Like, maybe the stab the slippery pit method and hope the knife goes in isn't the best?

You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. So on the 2nd pit, the knife slipped and went. right. into. my. hand. It went into my middle finger at the bottom, almost right in between my fingers. I gouged myself. It was so deep that I could see inside and it didn't start to bleed right away. It was so bad that for a couple of moments, I wondered if it was okay or if I needed to go get it looked at.

We decided that since I could still move my finger fine and it wasn't bleeding profusely it was probably okay. But it looks really gross, and even now when I look at it I involuntarily make a scrunched up face. It was sore throughout the day, but hopefully it won't take too long to heal.

The best part? This is the 2nd fairly deep cut I've got on my hand caused by guacamole. The other happened in high school when my friend and I were making guacamole and fooling around and I turned around to pretend to hit her and she was holding the knife and that was that. I still have a scar. I think I'll call them my avacado battle wounds.

So now, tell me... what are the stupidest injuries you've ever given yourself?


Dumblond said...

When I was 8 or 9, I was dancing around my living room to Michael Jackson's Thriller. During my routine, I went behind our wood-burning stove. The pipe that ran from the stove to the chimney fell as I twirled BEHIND it and the top of the pipe sliced open my middle finger. And all of this happened while my parents were entertaining a house full of people...
I still have the scar. Physically and emotionally.

Todd X. said...

Oddly enough, I was actually circumcised during a guacamole-making accident. Weird, huh? :)

Trish said...

See, I always just use a spoon ... it's much harder to hurt yourself! :-)

Mimi said...

I knew I didn't like guacamole for a reason, lol!

I tore all of the ligaments in my ankle, causing major damage, just by tripping over nothing while watering my front lawn. One of my nicknames (besides Mimi) is Grace, for my total lack of it!