March 3, 2010

Toddlers, Books and Bloggers

So, we have a bedtime routine with Sam where we read 2 stories then talk about his day before leaving the room. Last night for the first time, he decided he wanted to read "imaginary" books. He proceeded to fold his hands like a book and hand it to me to "read" to him. He told me it was about Thomas, and I made up a story about Thomas and a zoo on Sodor Island. Justin didn't get it so easy when Sam handed him the second book, called "School Ship" and told him it was about a pirate. HA! There ended up being school kids, a rainbow, and a leprechaun. *Shrug* I guess I need to start thinking of some stories to store away in my head...


I had my first dream two nights ago where I met another blogger. And in the usual fashion of every single dream I have during pregnancy, it was weird.

I dreamed that I was at some kind of school/institution and Adam Avitable was there. We made eyes at each other or whatever and he asked me out. But he had a SECRET. You know what it was? He had been bitten by a poisonous spider and was the only human in existence who was immune to it's poison. But since he'd been bitten, that meant that he could transfer the poison to other people through any kind of bodily fluid, and had to be really careful, because the poison would almost immediately kill anyone else.

The dream ended before we actually went on our first date, but I remember we were texting and he told me that we were going to Burger King for our date. But I was okay with that because I liked him.

Um... okay? I can only imagine that the dream was somehow triggered by this post, in which he revealed that he is now pretty hot stuff.


So, I finally convinced Sam to take a bath willingly yesterday morning. And I finally found out why he has been resisting the bath lately, and not wanting to take one. After I put him in? He held on to his penis for the entire bath. Because he doesn't want to pee in the bathtub. Since he is not potty trained, this is a conundrum. I tried telling him it would be okay if he peed in there, it's not going to hurt him, but he said it would. I later asked what would happen and he said it would make him sad. He insists that it is not okay to pee in the bath and he needs to go in the potty. The problem is, he doesn't know how to do that yet. He can hold it, and he'll go TO the potty, but doesn't know how to relax and let it out once he gets there. So, I don't know what this means for bathtime... He just played with one hand and had an okay time, but I don't want him to feel anxious when he used to enjoy baths so much. Any suggestions?


I went to the bookstore yesterday and discovered that there was a new Laurell K Hamilton Anita Blake novel. I bought it of course. Although I hate these really short novels she's put out a couple times - the actual story is only 157 pages. C'mon man... I can't resist buying them in hardback because I crave the LKH.

I also bought "Baby Catcher" which is a sort of memoir of a midwife. While I was there, I discovered the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies has a new book out called "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" which I want to read as soon as it's in paperback or the library has it because that's funny. I also wrote down a couple others for my "to read" list. Chris Bohjalian, who I love, has a new book out called "Secrets of Eden" which sounds quite good to me. I also saw a book called "The Real Grey's Anatomy" which sounded interesting, and a book in the young adult section called "Hush, Hush" caught my eye. I also want to read the 2nd Percy Jackson book soon.

The books I'm currently reading are the new Anita Blake (should be through it in a day or two), "Hypnobirthing", "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" and "Tempted" by PC & Kristin Cast. What are you reading right now?


Dumblond said...

That is so cute with Sam and the bath! I have never heard of a little boy who was afraid of peeing in the tub. I was always nervous of my little ones dropping a deauce before I could get them on the toilet...
I just started reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I looooove True Blood and my brother's girlfriend insisted I start the books.
Did you know that they are looking to turn Abe Lincoln:VH into a movie?

Kat said...

Reading? I just finished the Betrayl of the Blood Lily (the latest in the Pink Carnation series)...and I need to read Ethan Frome before my bookclub meets tomorrow night.

I actually have Hush, Hush on my nightstand but haven't read it yet. The YA books I have read lately have just not been up to snuff so I have been procrastinating it.

jill said...

I LOVED Babycatcher -- and it saved me from a C-section.

I transferred from the birth center to St Joe's some 44 hours after my water spontaneously broke, after about 20 hours of active labor. My nurse, Dawn, told my midwife she had just read and loved Babycatcher, and then she proceeded to bend every rule she could, and do everything she could think of, to "get this baby out the bottom" -- and it worked! By the time the attending doctor got there, I was already set up with monitors and even an epidural (she may have implied to the anesthesiologist that the attending had already approved it..), so he begrudgingly agreed to let me labor. Mona was born vaginally just a couple of hours later. :D

You can do it girl!!


Mimi said...

Oh heavens, I don't know what to think about Sam & the bath.

I'm adding those books to my list.

I'm having a terrible time because I haven't been to the library in a few days & I don't have anything good to read.