March 10, 2010

Seventh Month Pregnancy Reflections

Last time I was pregnant, I had an online journal at They had monthly prompts for you to answer. My pregnancy reflections from my 7th month with Sam are here. Things are a little different this time, here are my answers for what things are like in my 7th month with Danny.

I've started thinking about the nursery:
Danny's nursery will be a hodge podge of hand me downs and things I've picked up because I liked them. The glider chair was bought from a friend when she moved. The crib is white, a hand me down from another friend. There is a twin bed in there, which will most likely be where we change the baby, and a small dresser for his clothes. The only matching bedding set we have was another hand me down, and I've registered for a few random crib sheets that I liked. The walls are all wood since we live in a log house, and we'll probably get a few things to hang on the walls. It isn't really started yet, and it doesn't feel like Danny's room quite yet.

I've been dreaming about you:
I'll tell you what, I have definitely been having some WEIRD dreams. I always have sort of intense dreams, but throughout the pregnancy they've certainly been odd. Just like I said at this time in my pregnancy with Sam, I'm not actually dreaming about Danny. I think about him all the time when I'm awake though!

I used to love food! Now I avoid:
I was eating more chicken before I got pregnant. I have not been eating much red meat, other than ground beef. It doesn't really appeal to me. It's hard to think of foods that don't appeal to me, easier to think about foods that appeal to me more than usual. I have been drinking a lot of orange juice, and eating cereal. Not too many cravings lately though!

I never thought pregnancy would make me:
So uncomfortable so soon! I know, I have been through this before. It seems like this time around somehow 30 weeks was the magic number. Over this last weekend, my belly got more full and feels harder - maybe the baby shifted positions or something. I can no longer bend at the waist and have found going from lying down to sitting up or from sitting to standing I have to actually think about what I'm doing and not bend too much. My back is hurting, especially if I sit for too long, and I'm having trouble sitting on the floor to play with Sam without feeling uncomfortable. It's getting harder to turn over in bed.

I can't wait to:
Meet my baby! We're not really ready yet, but I am still so excited for the day I'm going to get to hold Danny in my arms! I have been doing a little shopping, some consignment stores and little outfits here and there. I can't wait to get his room ready and his clothes washed and put away, and to gather all the coming hand-me-downs of car seats, strollers, cribs etc from friends.

My prenatal visit this month taught me:
That I definitely made the right decision in switching midwives. I feel more comfortable with the new one already, and am looking forward to seeing her again on the 15th, at which point I'll be on an every two weeks schedule instead of once a month!

My hopes:
I'm actually kind of hoping that the rest of this pregnancy goes by pretty fast. I'm hoping that I won't be TOO uncomfortable for the rest of the time.

My fears:
I have been feeling a little bit apprehensive about having a new baby in our house and Sam having to adjust to that. I think he'll be a good big brother but I know it's going to be a huge adjustment for him, and I hope that we will handle it in a way that he still has his special time and knows how much we love him.


Audrey at Barking Mad! said...

I can't believe you are already at the 30 week mark!

I'm getting excited too!

BTW, can you tell your hubby that I got his email back from when I posted about religion and that I think he rocks? I just haven't had the chance to reply to a lot of those emails. Bad Audrey, Bad!

I still have a final follow-up coming, but in a couple of days you'll discover why I haven't gotten around to it, or anything else lately! ;-)

Oh wow, my word verification word is phart...It's juvenile, but so funny!

zoot said...

I was just the opposite about meat during both of my last two full-term pregnancies. I usually don't eat red meat but I could NOT get ENOUGH during either of those pregnancies. Steak, hamburgers, you name it - I wanted it! Havent had any since Wesley was born. Hehe.