March 8, 2010

Pregnancy & Birth Resources Online

This pregnancy has been very different for me. I was sicker, yes, but the biggest change has come in how I think about my baby and his birth.

I decided before I was ever pregnant that if I was to give birth to another baby, I wanted to do it on my own. As in, naturally. Without drugs. Not in a hospital. Luckily, here in Bellingham we have a very nice birth center that is very close to the hospital just in case. I have no problem with home births in general, I just don't really feel the desire to have a baby in my own house. We also live out in the county, so I feel a little more assured being closer to town. Although I'm pretty much convinced nothing will go wrong or off course.

Right now, I'm enrolled in a HypnoBirthing class and I plan to write a lot about the class and the experience, as well as documenting my birth experience. In the meantime, I do a lot of reading online. One of the main focuses of HypnoBirthing is changing your perception of birth and one of the most awesome tools for this is reading positive natural birth stories and seeing how other women have gracefully and amazingly brought their babies into the world.

So, today, I thought I'd share some links to some of the great websites that have been keeping me occupied lately. Please feel free to share in the comments if you have any more to suggest! - This is the official website of the Hypnobirthing movement, including information, birthing stories, FAQ and more.

Inspiring Birth Stories - Although it hasn't been updated for several months, this is a great source for inspiring, positive birth stories. Some of the stories are written by mothers, and many are written by the doulas who attended them.

Bellies & Babies
- The diary of childbirth educator, doula, mother, and aspiring midwife. Includes commentary, birth stories and more.

Enjoy Birth Blog - A blog about how to enjoy your pregnancy and birth, written by Sheridan - Hypnobabies Instructor, Hypno-doula, Proud VBAC mom, Lactivist, Positive Birth Story Collector and Mom of 3 Boys.

Have a Natural Childbirth
- This is another blog that has not been updated in almost a year, but has great information and stories nonetheless!

Kayce's Doula Journey - I've enjoyed reading news, stories and points of view from Kayce, a Doula who wants to become a midwife.

Science & Sensibility - A research blog about healthy pregnancy, birth and beyond. Amy Romano helps us out by finding the latest research and interpreting it for us. This one may be a bit scientific or a heavy read for some people.

Stand and D
eliver - Reflections on pregnancy, birth, and mothering from Rixa.

The Wonder of Birth - A stay at home mom's blog exploring childbirth issues.

I have also found that YouTube is an awesome resource for videos of natural births, Hypnobirths, and water births! Just be sure that if you're reading or watching somewhere and things seem negative, to stop. No need to expose yourself to that, especially if you're currently pregnant.

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