February 2, 2010

Writerz Block? I Haz It.

I have about 20 post titles saved in my drafts. Some of them have a few sentences with them. I WANT to write. But somehow, the words just aren't coming. It seems like a lot of work, and my brain is tired and all those things I want to write down about Sam and how he has been doing, about my favorite TV shows, the books I've read lately and the movies I've seen and what's been going on around my house? They are not coming out.

Soooo... here is some randomness.

I have 10 articles due by Friday. I have the topics all planned out, but I need to get started on actually writing. But instead of working on them at all while Sam has been at school the last few days, I've been on a cleaning rampage. That's right, apparently, I am nesting. We have a playdate here on Thursday, and I'm super excited because we're supposed to be having about 7 moms and their kids over... BUT that also means that I need. to. CLEAN.

I have gotten some good stuff done, and tomorrow I'll be doing the sweeping and wiping down and vacuuming stuff. Justin's working on completing a big clean out/organize/store of a ton of stuff from our living room, and hopefully will be done tonight. Then I'll finally feel like I can RELAX in my house.

See, I have mess-related anxiety. When my space is cluttered? I can't really relax fully. I look at the clutter and the mess, and I feel like I need to doooooo something, even if I'm too tired to do it. So, while I was sick and Sam was sick for 2 weeks? Not much got done. I'm excited to have things cleared up sot hat I can just do maintenance cleaning when Sam's at school and not have to do these huge cleanups in order to have people over.

I recently took over as organizer of the meetup group for Bellingham Moms that I'm in, and since we have such a great house with so much room, I'd like to be able to comfortable scheduling regular playdates every couple of weeks.

I was also excited that today I FINALLY got our front porch cleared off of some junk that's been hanging around out there since we moved in. Yes, as in 6 months ago. Now there are just a few toys and the little table and chairs and cat feeder that are supposed to be there. It makes me feel happier just walking up to my own front door!

Now, I just need to get stuff in order for this baby. Um, I kind of can't believe that I'm having a baby. I am so excited now! I had a baby shower last weekend, it was early because it was a joint shower with my friend Tara, who's due in early March. I'll post more about that later, but it really set me off into baby mode!

I emailed some friends today about the hand-me-down baby items we're getting. I can't wait to get the crib set up in Danny's room, that is going to make everything feel SO real for me. Of course, that requires getting Justin to get someone to help him take the extra bed out of our guest room so it can be Danny's room. I also found a friend who has a 2 year old and is now pregnant with a girl and she has a whole bunch of baby clothes that she said we could get some of, which will be great since we haven't gotten many clothing hand me downs as of yet.

I'm also blog-nesting... my husband said he'd make me a new blog design as part of my Christmas present. I have a whole new design in mind, and I can't wait, but right now he doesn't have time to work on it. Hopefully soon!

So, my brain is all over the place, obviously. I need to figure out when I'm going to go get my glucose tolerance test done and my February blood draw done, and finish the house cleaning and these articles and SOMEWHERE in the middle of that you bet your sweet butt I'm gonna have to find time to watch the final season premiere of Lost!

Here is a gratuitous photo of Sam petting a kangaroo.


Gah! What's on your mind these days?


Kat said...

I cannot tell you how many blog posts I have started. There are at least 10 in the drafts section. And then another dozen or so in word. I have great ideas and no follow through!

Dumblond said...

I join you on the block.
You think 6 months on the porch is bad? I have boxes in my garage left over from our move...almost NINE years ago!!