February 18, 2010

Somewhere the Grass is Greener

I don't get many e-mails from PR folks, and I tend to ignore them when I do. However, I've written before about the Fresh Air Fund, and I'm giving a little time to it again today because I think it's a pretty great opportunity for kids. What is the Fresh Air Fund?

THE FRESH AIR FUND, an independent, not-for-profit agency, has provided free summer vacations to more than 1.7 million New York City children from low-income communities since 1877. Nearly 10,000 New York City children enjoy free Fresh Air Fund programs annually. In 2008, close to 5,000 children visited volunteer host families in suburbs and small town communities across 13 states from Virginia to Maine and Canada. 3,000 children also attended five Fresh Air camps on a 2,300-acre site in Fishkill, New York. The Fund’s year-round camping program serves an additional 2,000 young people each year.

One of the reasons that Justin and I moved back to Bellingham was because Justin wanted Sam to have some of the experiences that he did as a child. To have a big yard, to have pets, to have woods to run around in. Fresh air, sunshine, room to run... these were all important to us. So, it breaks my heart a little bit to think about how many kids out there are waiting for their chance. They may not know what it's like to feel grass under their feet, or to explore nature.

The Fresh Air Fund is currently looking for host families for the summer of 2010. These are families who live in the suburbs or in small communities in the Northeastern US & Canada where children from New York City can experience something new and amazing. If you think you might be interested, click here for more information!

If you think you'd like to support the Fresh Air Fund, take a look at their website.

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