March 1, 2010

30 Weeks!?

Really? I can't believe I'm 30 weeks already. At the same time, I can't believe there are still 10 more weeks to go before I get to meet this baby. I'm feeling anxious about it - I really want to meet him!

Things are going well. Other than the back pain I've been having. Walking around seems to help, and I'm going to make sure to go to the chiropractor more often. I've noticed that I'm walking a bit differently, I can feel that my ligaments have been loosening a little and my pelvis is opening up. I meant to buy a heating pad Friday because it felt SO good at the chiropractor last time I went, but forgot while I was out. Maybe this week.

I did my 1 hour glucose screen and passed! I'm still testing my blood sugars a few times a week upon waking and then 1 or 2 hours after eating a meal. So far, I have had almost all normal readings. I am confident that things will continue this way, and that gestational diabetes won't be an issue.

I will post another belly picture soon, I'm not sure it's changed much since the last one I posted at 26 weeks. I feel like I got big really early, but haven't gotten too much bigger since. I definitely FEEL more pregnant though! When I go out, I can't stop myself from looking at my reflection in every surface I pass, and am constantly amazed by what I see. Despite the fact that I feel Danny moving and I have a few baby clothes and things for him, it still seems a little surreal somehow that we're going to have a new little baby in less than 3 months!

We've been taking a hypnobirthing class, which I am enjoying very much. I plan to write about it, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. My first post on the subject should be up later this week! I'm also reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and enjoying it. I'll probably write about that when I finish it.

I feel good about the new midwife, and can't wait to continue my care with her. I've been having some emotional turmoil, nothing new has happened, just pregnancy hormones continuing to drive me a bit nuts. I've been having some anxiety and may talk to my midwife or doctor about possibly raising my dose of Zoloft a little bit. I'm find it hard to relax, and if it were only another week or so, it might be okay, but it could be hard to deal with this for 10 more weeks.

According to the internets, my baby weighs about 3 lbs now. I feel him moving all the time, though he sleeps for long periods. A lot of times when he is awake, he likes to dance like a maniac ala Flashdance. It makes me smile.

I still haven't had that many pregnancy cravings, lately I have mostly just wanted orange juice and this pregnancy ice water has been my best friend.

I feel excited that this part of the pregnancy is so... boring I guess! I'm just enjoying it as much as I can and thinking a lot about meeting my new boy.

I wrote the majority of this on Friday and set it to post for Monday. I actually hit 30 weeks on Saturday, and somehow over the weekend? I feel enormous! I have been a little uncomfortable all weekend, and my belly doesn't SEEM like it's gotten much bigger, but it's definitely fuller, harder... just more BABY. I'm getting tired standing up and today when I stood up one time at church I had weird muscle pains - everything is just shifting around!

In any case, I feel super pregnant. How is it that 30 weeks seem so much more than 28 or 29?? I got photos uploaded tonight, so here are a couple shots from Saturday. Click to see full size or view other photos at my Flickr site.

30 Weeks belly shot:


The view from above...


Nice one of the family from Saturday:


And finally, this one shows how big I FEEL...



Melissa aka Equidae said...

its incredible that your time is nearly up.....good luck dear

Wife to Mark,Mom to Samuel said...

You look awesome! I'm so freaking excited for you guys!! BTW...I really like that picture of all three of you!! :) See you this week sometime!!!

Dumblond said...

I remember that point of pregnancy when all of a sudden you can't walk without grabbing your lower back.
And a boring pregnancy is a good pregnancy! No complications, no worries. Healthy mom + healthy baby = happy family

AJ said...

Awww...what great pictures! I am suddenly missing pregnancy, and you're right, there is something magical about that 30 week mark, nearly there and yet ten weeks can seem so far away.

Enz said...

Wow, time flies..for those of us watching you :)

You look beautiful!!!

Syd said...

You look great! Congrats on the Glucose screening, mine is coming up! I just finished reading Birthing from Within and I can't wait to read about your experience with hypnobirthing!.