September 30, 2006

Successful September Vacations

I'm back! I'm writing this update from the Homewood Suites in Portland! We don't have internet at the house right now, so I'm doing the update while I can. Unfortunately I don't have a cord with me to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer, so it's going to be a few days before I can post pictures from the things I'm going to update about. I'll post another update when I get the pictures up of course!

I got back from my vacation to New Jersey on Wednesday night. The trip went really well. Sam was SO good on the airplane both ways. He didn't even cry! On the way there, we ended up having an extra seat, but we didn't on the way back. Actually, we weren't even seated next to Kira, but we got a nice guy to switch with us. The plane was really warm on the way back, so Sam slept for pretty much the whole plane ride.

We got to see lots of people during our vacation, which was wonderful. Sam got to meet his Great Grandma Doley, it was really cool. We spent about half of our vacation in Ocean City, and had spectacular weather for mid September. We got to go to the beach on Sunday and Monday, and it was in the 80s both days. The water was pretty warm too. While we were down there, we got to visit with my cousins Matt, Laurie, Emmy and Erica, and with my Aunt Ann and Aunt Barb. It was really nice to be able to see everyone, and to spend more time with people than just visiting for dinner or something.

We had a great time hanging out with Lianna, and going out to the bus stop with her on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. She just had her 8th birthday, and I can't believe how big she is. It's so fun to watch every stage she goes through. We had fun playing with Sam and making jewelry with the bead kit I gave her for her birthday. Dad and Helene had a great time visiting with Sam too, from what I could tell! Helene was so great while we were there. She just did a lot of things like doing our laundry and washing Sam's dirty bottles- it just made the difference between it being just a visit and being an actual vacation for me!

When we got home, I was sleeping in a new house! Justin and his friend Tim moved a lot of our stuff while I was gone with Sam. It was actually really disorienting to come home and be living in a different place. Most of our stuff is still in boxes, and I can't really fully unpack and make everything how I want it until we get new furniture and shelves and stuff. We're planning on taking a trip to Ikea this week, and then maybe I'll be able to post some pictures on here of our new place! It feels really good to have more room, and we are really glad to have our own bedroom again.

Sam is doing great. He eats rice cereal before bed every night now. It's amazing how much he seems to change every day. Since we started giving him the cereal two weeks ago, he's actually learned how to eat. It's so amazing that in such a short time he could go from 'what are you doing? I have something in my mouth... I better spit all of it out" to sitting on our lap opening his mouth and wanting the food and enjoying it. It's really just so much fun to watch him grow. He's also rolling from his back to his stomach with ease now. In fact, it's kind of hard to keep him from doing it, and almost every time we lay him down he flips right over. Even though he's only almost five months old, we can see how much he wants to crawl. When he is on his stomach, sometimes he starts working really hard and you can tell he really just wants to take off across the floor. There is just so much to look forward to. Right now I can't wait until he can sit up on his own!

Yesterday we got to meet up with Amy, who used to be in my book club, at the Portland Zoo and see her daughter Saige. She's 17 months now, and I think last time I saw her she may have been less than 6 months old. She's very cute! We had a great time at the zoo - I had not been to this zoo before and it's very nice. Plus since we joined Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, this is one of the linked zoos around the U.S. that we can also get into for free. Today we went to the Portland Pirate Festival with Brooke and Dave. Justin stayed at the hotel to sleep because he was up all night last night working. I was disappointed that he didn't get to go with us, but they have a deadline coming up for his work on Tuesday so they're all trying to get things done.

Well, that's most of what's going on here! Sam was taking a nap, but now he's awake and crying, so I better go and get him. I'll be back as soon as I can - we are not getting internet at the new house until October 4, but hopefully I'll be able to post before then and share some pictures from our trips!

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