December 11, 2009

I am SO outnumbered

So, we had our big 2nd trimester ultrasound yesterday. The test came back positive... for WEINER! That's right, we are having another little boy. I thought that I would cry if the tech toldmethat, but I actually felt pretty okay about it at the time. I went over to the mall after and bought a couple of outfits for the little guy.

Today I am not feeling so great though. It seems like my pregnancy hormones are working overtime and I got snappy at Justin this morning. It looks like only one person is coming to the playdate scheduled here today and for whatever reason the prospect of spending most of the day alone with Sam feels exhausting. I went out to the garage to try and find a box of clothes that I'd kept from Sam - we got rid of ALMOST everything but I'd kept a box ofmy very favorites from when he was a baby - and I couldn't find it. Ican't think of anywhere else it would be. When I came back in the house, I felt like crying. Maybe I am just having a post ultrasound never having a daughter hormone hangover. And before you tell me the next one will be a girl, I'll say that we are only planning on 2 kiddies. Seems like a good number.

I am still super happy about the baby, of course I am. And I think Sam will love having a little brother. I love them both more than I can say. I have just always wanted a daughter and n
ow I know there are certain things I will never get to experience and I may not quite be used to that idea yet. Soon I will just be feeling him move and feeling super blessed that he is healthy. Soon I will let go of dreams of leggings and ruffles and pigtails. Just not this second.

Please forgive any typos here, I am writing this on my phone because we don't have iternet on our computer until Justin hooks up our new router tonight. When he gets it up, I'll post some pics from the ultrasound, we got a few great ones.


Mom said...

I sure do love little what's-his-face! I keep looking at his picture. I never had ultra-sounds so I have never experienced the after effects before. He is really real now. Thanks for letting Paul and me be there. You're the best daughter ever!

We get Sam tomorrow!

Mighty M said...

Boys are so sweet, congrats! But I understand a bit of disappointment too! I hope your day goes by quickly!

LceeL said...

I have seen more than one 'weiner' in an ultrasound turn out to be something 'other'. I'm just sayin'. Especially early ultrasounds.

Melissa aka Equidae said...

we plan on two as well and really wish a daughter next...but who knows an i know i'll be disappointed if it doesnt happen but i am also certain that when that little guy will be born ill be in the 7th heaven anyway :)

Enz said...


I so wanted a girl the second time around and I wanted a girl so badly I was afraid I would feel disappointed if I didn't.

We didn't know the sex until he was born...I woke up from the C-section and Dennis kept saying, "The baby is perfect. The baby is beautiful. The baby is healthy."

I said, "We had a boy?" He was scared I would be so disappointed, but you know what - I was overjoyed. I was beyond happy.

You will be too :)

Jennifer said...

We just had our second boy this summer, and I have to admit I was a little disappointed at the ultrasound because I had convinced myself it would be a girl. But, once I got used to the idea of another boy, and got over the fact that I would never be buying pink, ruffly stuff for my own kids, it was fine.

Our older son was ecstatic to find out he was having a brother, not a sister, and they are both so precious to me now that I can't imagine having a little girl.

Congrats, and just give yourself a little time to get used to the idea of two boys and I know you'll be overjoyed too!

Young Wife said...

Hey, it's okay to be a little sad. I'd be freaking out about the baby clothes. I sure hope you find them!