December 16, 2009

Baby Pictures!

Today's theme: baby! Finally took my first belly shot at 19 weeks pregnant. I feel like I look enormous in this picture, and I'm not sure why. It also makes me scared because I'm only 1/2 there and what the hell am I going to look like when I am 38 weeks?! We've been talking to Sam about the baby and how Mommy's belly is going to get really big, I can't wait to see his reaction to the growing belly!

Here are a couple of shots from our big ultrasound last week. The first is a shot of the baby's spine. I just think it's really cool how perfectly you can see, and he is healthy!

And, Justin asked for a little video. I like this one because you can see the little dude moving his hand.

So, that's our little dude! We're in the process of searching for names. With Sam it was easy, we decided on a name before we even got pregnant. We had a girl name picked out last time that we would have used with this one, but we never really settled on second boy name. So, we're looking. We're thinking about involving Daniel somehow, which is Justin's middle name and his mother's maiden name, but we haven't decided for sure or on first/middle.
I'm still not really feeling the baby move much, and I can't wait to feel him every day. I am starting to feel a bit more pregnant, and am having to move around a LOT during the night when I'm sleeping. It's really weird because no matter how tired I am before I go to bed, I lie awake for a long time every night becasue I can't stop thinking about this baby. I think about questions for the midwife, the birth, everything, my mind just races.
We have a little pile of clothes on the changing table, and I can't wait to get the hand-me-downs from my friend Liz. Now that we know what it is we can do a real baby registry. I also decided to get the same baby book for this one that we did for Sam, and it came in the mail yesterday!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

You look ADORABLE!!!!

Your baby is going to be beautiful!!

Dawn said...

You look cute. And you do pregnancies like I do, out there. But in your defense, maternity tops don't do preggers women much justice.

Enz said...

You look beautiful and happy.

Mom said...

Late Night with David Letterman started when I was pregnant with Kira. I could never get to sleep at night either.

Mandi said...

AW look at you with the baby bump! Too cute. And your little man is just wonderful! Can't wait to hear what name you pick out.

BTW, sending you some award-love :)

Honey Mommy said...

You are going to have two little guys, just like me! It is so much fun.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Great photos! You are looking great and congrats on the pregnancy!

Helene and Lianna said...

Sorry we've been out of touch. Life has been more than busy the past month. Lots to talk about - so let's get on the phone together soon. I just mailed your birthday card today:( and a small package for Christmas. You look great. We're excited here to be a grandmom and aunt for the second time! Hugs and kisses to Sam.

Shannon said...

I felt like I was bigger with my 2nd pregnancy, too. But she was smaller than my firstborn... go figure.

Congrats on another bundle of blue!