November 10, 2009

TV: Because really, what else is there?

You know how I have been lax on posting? I've been so tired that when I get free time at night when Sam's in bed, all I want to do is relax and when I relax? I enjoy me some TV! Here are some of my thoughts on some new/favorite shows so far this year (sorry Kori! :-)

Supernatural - This is probably my absolute favorite show. I love it so much. This season has not disappointed. I am totally freakd out by Jacob from LOST being Satan, and I just can't... agh! Satan wants Sam! Honestly, I can't believe that this show has gotten so crazy - the apocolypse? One brother who Satan wants as a vessel, and the other searching for God with an ousten angel? That is some crazy shit right there, but somehow they make it work. Swoon.

Flash Forward - LOVED the first episode. I do feel like this one has slowed down some though. Where is the new stuff? I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about how Ralph Fiennes is the most whiny leading man ever. He is kinda whiny. And John Cho doesn't want to do anything because why bother, he's going to die anyhow. UGH! Just man up and live whatever life is left! Anyhow, I still like it, but I kind of wonder if it's going to last if it keeps going at this pace.

Eastwick - I really wasn't sure about this one at first, but I find something compelling about it. What is it? I dunno. Maybe it's partly watching the town square scenes and thinking they are in Star's Hollow because it's the same set. There's just something about the whole story that keeps me coming back. Obviously, it's a totally girly show, it's fun to watch the friendship between the three main characters.

Cougar Town - This is the only new sitcom I kept watching. I like it, it's funny! I think Courtney Cox is pretty great. And I seriously love Ian Gomez as the neighbor/best friend's husband. He's hilarious! It's just a great cast, and I think it's well written.

Glee - My absolute favorite new show! It's got heartbreak, romance, humor and MUSIC! It's just awesome. If you haven't been watching it, give it a try. Jane Lynch is hysterical, as usual, and the kids in the Glee club are talented. It's just FUN to watch, but at the same time it has serious plots and breaks your heart a little. Just the way I like it. Joss Whedon's going to direct an episode later and I absolutely CAN'T WAIT!

Desperate Housewives - Can I just say I am SO GLAD that Mike chose Susan? Plus it left room for the crazy ex storyline, which I have been enjoying. I think this season has been pretty good so far.

The Office - Jim and Pam's wedding? Great. The horror of Michael & Pam's mom? Awesomely awful. Kevin accidentally getting Jim's credit card cancelled? Hysterical! It's great as always!

The Vampire Diaries - A new vampire show, of course I'm watching it! It's a little slow moving, and I AM left with the 'why spend your life in high school if you're immortal' question. Other than that, I am enjoying it. It's a campy, angsty teen vampire show.

The Cleveland Show - I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but I think it's pretty funny. Also, the theme song is really catchy and I periodically find myself singing it around the house.

V - Watched the premiere of V and thought it was good! I didn't know that this was a remake. I was surprised at how much they gave away in the first episode, and I was so sad during the credits to see Alan Tudyk as a guest star because I was super happy to see him (love him! If you haven't seen 'Death at a Funeral', rent it immediately) and I knew he was not going to stick around. It'll be interesting to see if they can keep this momentum going. It's a total bummer they're only showing 4 episodes and then it's not back until spring, and I wonder if that's a wise choice.

Castle - I seriously love Castle. I seriously love Nathan Fillion. And this?

One of the best things I've seen on TV in a long time.

Those are just some of the shows I'm enjoying this season.

Along with the good came the not good enough. I watched one or two episodes of the following shows and decided they weren't worth it: Modern Family, Community, Mercy, Trauma.

What shows are your favorites? Which ones have you given up on?


Jan Ross said...

Sounds like we like a lot of the same shows. We almost gave up on "Trauma" but now it's growing on us and we like it better. Unfortunate, because I think it will not last since there are so many similar shows. We are sticking with "Mercy" but also don't think it will last. Just not very well written.

yogagrrl said...

Castle is hilarious. The magic trick line last night had me laughing out loud. I think if you like that, you might also like The Mentalist, which is definitely in my top 5.

I'm with you on Supernatural, Glee, FlashForward and V. Eastwick in Stars Hollow! I KNEW something looked familiar! That show's been growing on me as well. I think my fave new show besides Glee, however, is Mercy. I wouldn't have predicted liking it, let alone loving it, but there you have it.

Mimi said...

NCIS is my very favorite along with Criminal Minda. I also like The Big Bang Theory.

I haven't watched any of the shows you've mentioned. I feel like I already have too many shows I love to watch, I try not to climb on board any more.

Oh yeah, I always watch Survivor & Hell's Kitchen & I love watching Ramsay's Kitchen Nighmares on the BBC channel.

Hope you are feeling well!

Dumblond said...

Once again, it is scary how similar our tastes run.
Cougar Town is sooo hilarious! The last episode where Jules gave Andy the "full Shawshank Experience"?! I was laughing so hard I was bawling! My husband didn't find it nearly as funny...screw that guy.
Castle has become an obsession around here! Both my husband and I are Nathan Fillion fans (I have informed my husband that I would totally leave him for Mr. Fillion) and the show is so good. And that Halloween episode?! When he busts out in his Mal outfit?! Smack me silly with a geek hammer...I was in Firefly geek heaven.
"Didn't you wear that like five years ago?"
"Don't you think you should move on?"
"I like it."
So do we, sir. So do we.

Mighty M said...

I am watching Flash Forward (nowhere near as good as Lost!), V, Cougar Town, Modern Family, The Office (and the rest of the Thursday comedies).

Mom said...

Desperate Housewives-I used to sort of like Orson, but now I think he's gross. New people-witness protection program??? I hate Juanita. What a brat!

Young Wife said...

I love The Office because I worked in an office for six years. It's my reality TV. I really liked V, but then I'm a sci-fi nerd. I'll have to check out Supernatural.