November 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen: Animation Edition

Obviously, having a 3 year old in the house means LOTS of cartoons. Whether it's movies or shows, there are always ones that are more entertaining than others. We were watching "Over the Hedge" the other day and I got to thinking about who my favorite animated characters are. So, I decided to make a list because... well, why not?

Thirteen Favorite Animated Characters
  1. Denis Leary as Diego in the "Ice Age" movies.
  2. William Shatner & Avril Lavign as the opossums Ozzie & Heather in "Over the Hedge."
  3. Patrick Warburton as in "Bee Movie."
  4. James Earl Jones as Mufasa in "The Lion King."
  5. Bob Peterson as Dug in "Up."
  6. Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots in the "Shrek" movies.
  7. Danny Elfman as Jack Skellington in "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
  8. Norm MacDonald as Norm the Genie in "The Fairly Odd-Parents."
  9. Tracy Grandstaff as Daria in "Daria."
  10. John Goodman as Sulley in "Monsters Inc."
  11. Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill in "King of the Hill."
  12. Robin Williams as Genie in "Aladdin."
  13. Richard White as Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast."
I'm sure I'm missing some, and I'll probably remember them as soon as I hit 'publish', but there are some of my favorites none the less! Who are your favorite animated characters?

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f8hasit said...

You chose some of my favorite characters!
It's funny, when one of the 'kids' movies come out, I'm practically begging my daughter to go see it with me.
"Mom, another night?"
"No. NOW!"

It's too funny...

Dumblond said...

Over the Hedge is just full of great voice casting. Will Shatner is my favorite with Steve Carell and Bruce Willis in a tie for second.
Another couple of favorites...Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman from Kung Fu Panda. Chris Miller, Christopher Knights and Tom McGrath as the voices of the penguins in Madagascar. And of course Sacha Baron Cohen as King funny. Have you seen the Penguins of Madagascar cartoon? Oh.My.Gawd I love that show! Not all the same voices from the movie but voice casting for the show is great.
I better stop...I could go on forever...

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

TOTALLY agree!

Mom said...

When you were one you loved Foghorn Leghorn. You should definately add him to your list.