November 24, 2009

Baby, Baby

Guess what? On Friday I scheduled my next ultrasound for December 10! That means less than 3 weeks until we get to find out if this one is a boy or a girl. I can't wait. With Sam I really wanted a girl but always had a feeling he was a boy. With this one, I don't have a feeling either way, though I'm still hoping for a little girl. I'll be 19 1/2 weeks then, and I am SO glad I was able to schedule it for December. If I hadn't been able to schedule it before the 20th, I would have had to wait until my Mom got back from her trip in January.

Things have gotten all straightened out with my midwife and endocrinologist since my last appointment. I ended up stopping at the endocrinologists office last week to pick up some more test strip samples and was lucky the nurse was available to talk to me even though it was lunch time. I explained to her that I was confused and we talked about my treatment. One thing I didn't realize is how linked the PCOS and Insulin Resistance are. Basically, I have IR because I have PCOS. So even though the reason I asked the doctor for Metformin was to help regulate my cycles, it's most likely something she would have put me on at my next appointment in December to help control the PCOS/IR anyway. We also figured out that the reason I felt so blindsided at my last endocrinology appointment was because the nurse thought I'd scheduled the appointment BECAUSE of the pregnancy, but it had actually been scheduled months before that. So, basic miscommunication. She also explained to me that the reason that I'm at risk for Gestational Diabetes is because of the IR, and that women with no IR have zero risk for GD. So, there is no 'what is my risk compared to average women.' Also, she explained that the reason for me to stay on the Metformin throughout the pregnancy is to help control the IR, which will reduce my chances of GD. After talking to her I sort of breathed a sigh of relief and felt like I understood what was going on much better.

I had an appointment last Wednesday with my midwife and she had also talked to the endocrinologist's nurse and to my primary care doctor. I took my blood sugar ever morning for 2 weeks and it was never very high. My highest was 104, and one other day at 102, but most days fasting was below 90 and the few I've taken after eating have been really good. The target fasting number for pregnancy is 95. So, for now we're just going forward, and she seems fine with that. I'll be testing my sugars 2-3 times a week fasting, then after one of my meals. I'm still thinking positive and pretty convinced that GD won't be an issue.

As far as diet and exercise go... ugh! I'm 16 weeks and still feeling like crap a good portion of the time. It really sucks. I felt like I was improving, but the last week has kind of sucked. I've also been SUPER tired again, getting fatigued in the afternoons and feeling like I need a nap. I'm totally useless around the house and feel bad for Justin because there is a giant checklist of stuff that needs to be done before Thanksgiving. We're having people over, but lucky for us (AND our guests) my Mom's husband will be cooking. With Sam my nausea REALLY went away around 20 weeks, so at this point I'm kind of counting down and hoping next month will be the light at the end of the tunnel.

The one upside to not being able to eat is that I'm doing great with weight gain. I lost 10 pounds in the first 6 weeks, and since then I've stayed steady - no gain or loss. With the way things are going and the way my last pregnancy went, I'm thinking that weight gain won't be a problem, which is nice.

I am anxiously awaiting the day I'll finally feel this one move. I think it's the BEST part of being pregnant and I can't wait. I'm 4 months now, so hopefully any day now! I have already abandoned jeans for comfort but I dont' feel like I'm showing much yet. People I know are starting to say I'm looking more pregnant. Once I think I actually look it, I'll start taking pictures - I wish I had more from when I was pregnant with Sam, so this time I'll get Justin to take more! For now I'm just biding my time until I get to the part of pregnancy that doesn't suck.


LceeL said...

Metformin is actually a generic for another drug called Glocuphage - it works against sugar production in your body - which is what you want if you're Insulin Resistant. Just relax, be pregnant, have your baby and watch your weight and diet after birth. You'll be fine.

Dumblond said...

Feeling the baby move for the first time is definitely the best part of pregnancy...just don't look at your belly when that happens. Looks like something from the Aliens movies...
I'm sorry to hear you are still feeling sick but that everything else seems to be going okay. I can't wait to find out if Sam is having a little brother or sister!