October 22, 2009

It's Aliiiiiiiive!!

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Um, you guys? I am having a BABY!

Okay, I realize that I told you that a month and a half ago. But for some reason, this pregnancy has been weirdly different than the first. I have been acutely conscious of the fact that I'm pregnant. After all, the morning sickness was acutely real, and fairly crippling for the first month or so. But somehow, it just hasn't seemed real that I'm growing a baby.

This morning? I had my first real ultrasound. As in, the first ultrasound where we could see anything more than a little dot. And do you know what I saw? A BABY!

A baby. With hands. And feet. And a face. And a brain. And a tiny, beautiful, quickly beating heart. Moving, rolling, waving and kicking. I don't remember crying at any of my ultrasounds with my last pregnancy, but when I saw that baby in me today, saw it moving around like a real, living baby? Tears. I controlled it fine, though I'm sure if I'd given in and burst into tears the ultrasound tech wouldn't have blinked an eye. It must happen all the time. I didn't expect it, but I think this is the start of it being real.
So, meet Baby Heiner...
In case you need some help...S/he still looks a little like an alien...

And according to the baby sites, who are very fond of fruit analogies, baby is about the size of a fig.
They measured the little bean, and I'm now 11 weeks 4 days pregnant. My due date (plus/minus 2 days) is May 9. Mothers Day, 2010.

I went to Target today to buy another pair of comfy stretchy pants. Because somehow, even though you can't see any change yet, my jeans are too uncomfortable already. And... I just couldn't help myself, and this somehow came home with me...

Fig photo by The Scootabaker. Photo linked to source (Flickr).


Anne-Marie said...

Congratulations on seeing your beautiful, healthy baby. I'm not surprised about the tears and I'm sure the tech wasn't either. =) It's a powerful moment and it's joyous that you get to celebrate it with all of us too! =)

Melissa aka Equidae said...

congrats dear :)

Mighty M said...

Congrats - glad all is well. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Enz said...

That is so wonderful. Hugs.

But you won't name the baby Fig...or Pear...or Bean...or Apple...right?

Kori said...

Sigh...love those sweet little onesies! And am so thrilled for you.

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