September 8, 2009

Project Runway LA - Week 3: "Ladies & Gentlemen, capital W.T.F.?"

This week, the show starts out with Ra'mon talking about how one decision being the factor that can send him home is scary. Mitchell is frustrated he was in the bottom three again and says he needs to keep working. I'd say that's a valid assessment.

The designers are told they'll be going on another field trip and they should not "forget their sunscreen." Christopher is seeing the ocean for the first time (!) and Tim Gunn is on the beach in flip flops and a blazer. Pretty funny.

Challenge: Create a fun and fashionable surfwear look.

I think this will be an interesting challenge because there is a potential here for someone to REALLY not get it, and get way off the mark. Tim then announces they'll be working in teams of two. Since she won last week, Shirin is allowed to choose first, but half the people are eliminated as they become team leaders. Shirin chooses to work with Carol Hannah, Logan & Christopher pair up, then Nicolas & Gordana, Mitchell & Ra'mon, Althea & Louise, Qristyl & Epperson and Jonny and Irina.

They are given 20 minutes to plan and choose a model between their two. Louise points out that the surfer girls like functionality over fashion. Ra'mon is not too happy that Mitchell chose him, he feels like he needs to take over the team to save them basically. Qristyl is bristling at Epperson acting like a teacher to her student when she's the team leader. I can tell already this is going to be fun...

They are only given 15 minutes to shop in Mood - collective GASP! Epperson & Qristyl clash in the fabric store and the designers are running around like headless chickens. Mitchell straight up calls Ra'mon's choices ugly and makes a grimace at the camera.

Irina and Jonny are going for "bohemian chic," and Nicolas & Gordana are doing something strange with strips of fabric. Huh? Hombre of Macrame? I don't even know what he was talking about. Epperson doesn't like Qristyl's fabric and thinks there is tension because they are "fearful of what may happen."

Mitchell actually says to Ra'mon: "In our relationship, I can't always tell you that you're perfect." WTF? Are they designing something or moving in together?? Clash-tastic.

Surprise Challenge: Tim comes in and lets the designers know they are raising the stakes - each team must create a SECOND LOOK. Ra'mon says: "Ladies and Gentlemen, capital W.T.F." The second look must be an avante garde look that corresponds to the California surfwear inspired design.

They get a $200 additional budget, but Tim says only one team member is allowed to go to Mood while the other works. Qristyl still doesn't feel like the captain and feels personally insulted by Epperson trying to take over the team.

I was surprised to see Ra'mon at the store, and Epperson. Perhaps because the others didn't trust them to stay behind and work? I dunno. Back at the design space, Mitchell admits that he has big ideas but is technically in trouble. What else is new anyhow? I feel like Mitchell just can't last.

Honestly? I would not have wanted to be working with Epperson. Ugh. He just rubbed me the wrong way with his sort of hippy talk about how they needed to understand each other.

Tim reappears and tells Carol Hannah that her model is not going to be there for the fitting, and asks if she wants to stay with the model or not. Carol Hannah can't deal and decides to switch models, so Carol's original model will be going home. Oh well, too bad for her. She chose to do a commercial opportunity instead.

The models come in for their fittings. Gordana seems totally not on board with the avante garde risque look that Nicolas has designed. Mitchell and Ra'mon are still not getting along. I hate to choose sides, but Mitchell is annoying me right now, and I like Ra'mon. That Garnier guy plugs some 'wonder waves' product then Tim comes to check in.

Jonny thinks avante garde means "as out of control as possible" and I wonder how that will work out for them. Tim loves their idea in theory, so we'll see how it goes. Tim did not like the peel off of Qristyl's look and tells Shirin they have a lot of work to do. Tim points at Mitchell & Ra'mon's avante garde look and says "What. Is. That.?" and he doesn't get it, nor does he get how the two looks relate. Doesn't look good for Mitchell & Ra'mon this week.

Mitchell & Ra'mon decide in the eleventh hour that they need to scrap the jumpsuit thing. Mitchell doesn't really get what Ra'mon is doing. Epperson & Qristyl argue some more.

A new day dawns, and Mitchell continues to annoy me. Urgh. Qristyl is nervous because she thinks two people are going to be eliminated. Ra'mon thinks it's unfair that he's doing so much work and trying to keep Mitchell focused. It really isn't fair - he drew a bad straw. I hope he can pull it together.

With 35 minutes left, Ra'mon is trying to dye some fabric. Ra'mon is struggling to get something together so they aren't disqualified for not having both models looks done. How frustrating.

The time has come, and Qristyl and Epperson are both ready to throw each other under the bus and "save themselves." Finally, it's the runway and guest judge Max Azria is in for Michael Kok, Rachel Bilson is the other guest judge.

We first see Qristyl and Epperson's beach look. I think it's really pretty. Their avante garde look I didn't get. And the models butt was totally hanging out. Irina & Jonny's first outfit comes out and I just didn't really get it. The avante garde look was okay, but really I didn't like the pair. Mitchell & Ra'mon's beachwear look is very pretty and flowy. The avante garde piece, I wasn't sure about. It's hard for me to judge those ones and well because sometimes avante garde can be so weird and I'm just not sure HOW I'm supposed to judge it, on what criteria. Definitely not on whether I'd wear it. Shirin and Carol Hannah's bathing suit coverup combo was gorgeous, and I thought their avante garde look was very pretty and it looked like something you'd see on the runway. I absolutely loved the colors. Althea & Lousie are next, their surfwear look definitely looks cute and beacy. Their avante garde look is really fun and looks well made. Nicolas and Gordana's outfit comes out and I hate the wraparound pants. Their avante garde look? Ew. It looked like some sort of weird futuristic alien thing. Logan & Christopher's surfwear look looks old to me. Or cheap. Whatever, I can't see a surfer girl wearing it. Their avante gard look was not bad, definitely looked like effort was put into it.

The low scoring teams are Gordana & Nicolas and Epperson & Qristyl. Jonny & Irina are in the top two teams. Their project was centered around macrame. Their surfwear look was Rachel's favorite. Mitchell & Ra'mon are also in the top two. Ra'mon begins to talk about how he was inspired by beautiful seaweed washing up on the beach, and Heidi totally thinks the same thing I do - "wait, is Mitchell the team leader here?" Mitchell has to admit that Ra'mon did most of the work. Mitchell says he did the swimsuit, and Ra'mon confesses that he was working on both pieces at the end. Mitchell admits that Ra'mon did pretty much all the work. Despite the fact they were in the top two, I wish that Mitchell could be sent home here.

Qristyl and Epperson come back, and Qristyl says that she thinks Epperson took the lead. Epperson talks to Qristyl instead of the judges and they begin to argue on the runway. RAWR. Heidi is clearly impressed. As are the other designers. Nina says of their avante garde look "what IS this?" Nicolas and Gordana are next. Heidi thinks the macrame is pretty but the bottom is really messy. As for the avante garde look, Heidi says "it isn't classy" and Nina says it's too sexy. Max says this work is not good.

Max says that Qristyl is weak and Epperson took advantage.

In the end, the win goes to Ra'mon. Mitchell stands there looking sad. They send Ramon, Jonny & Irina off, but keep Mitchell there with Qristyl and Epperson. Scary! They announce that Epperson is in, and Qristyl and Mitchell are left standing there. In the end, it's "three strikes and you're out" for Mitchell.

Next week: Prom?

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