August 13, 2009

Thirteen Updates!

I'm back! I think. The last three weeks have been totally crazy, and I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted, but I'm trying not to panic about it. PLEASE TELL ME I DIDN'T LOSE ALL MY READERS. GAH! Okay, I got that out of my system. I hope everyone's still out there, I'm going to try to get back on track. So, to get caught up, here are 13 Updates on what the hell has been going on in my life lately.

Thirteen Updates This Thursday
  1. Three weeks ago, we moved into our new house - the house my husband grew up in. At this point it is ALMOST all unpacked. Two things are still left to be done. The first is our bedroom. There are clothes EVERYWHERE, and today Justin was digging through them trying to find a pair of pants. So not awesome. It's the hardest to unpack because it's upstairs and it's hard for me to get up there when I'm with Sam. The second is the pile. The pile is where I put everything that came out of boxes that I was thinking too much about. It's not that big, probably about 3 large boxes full of stuff. Perhaps I'll tackle it tonight.
  2. Last Sunday, my book club friends from Seattle came up and saw my new house. It was SO much fun to hang out with them, to share my house and show them some of my favorite places in Bellingham. We went to my favorite toy store, walked around Fairhaven and went into one of the coolest used book stores in the area, then had a wonderful dinner out. It was so much fun to have a girls day out!
  3. We had our first playdate at the new house yesterday, and it went great! I have been part of a mom's group here in Bellingham since we moved up last March (08) but I haven't been able to host a playdate since because our house was just WAY too small. now that we're in the new house, we have plenty of room for the kids to play and the moms to hang out and socialize! It's fun having playdates at people's houses because you don't have to watch the kids as hard as if we're at the park or something. It was wonderful, and I'm planning on having one every couple of weeks.
  4. I've been entertained by several movies lately. Quick reviews? Spoilers in white, highlight to read 'em. GI Joe - LOVED it. Total eye candy. Just full of fighting, explosions, awesome non-existant weapons and cheesy dialogue. I did think it was sort of funny how they didn't even TRY to hide the fact that they set it up for a sequel. Replacing the president and not having it go anywhere? It's like they only told half the story. The Ugly Truth - not bad, I was entertained. Pretty standard romantic comedy. Orphan - I thought it was pretty good! I liked it because it was not freaky scary supernatural, it had an actual plot, and the scary parts were interspersed with less scary parts. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - LOVE. It was really good. There were a couple of things left out that I really missed - I was not happy that they didn't even introduce the mental connection between Harry & Voldemort. That's a big part of the book, and an even bigger part of the last book, and it really should have been introduced. I also HATED that they made it so that Harry was just TOLD to go below by Dumbledore. In the book, Dumbledore put a spell on Harry so he couldn't talk or move - he had no choice but to watch him die. By leaving that out of the movie, they made it seem like Harry just WASN'T helping. Really didn't like that. I also don't like that they destroyed the Weasley's house. So.... what are they going to do in the next movie? Because a significant portion of Book 7 took place at the Weasley's house. Like Bill & Fleur's wedding. Speaking of which, they also left out the battle at the end of the book, including Bill & Fleur's relationship. GAR. So, OTHER than that, I really liked it. I was surprised at how funny it was! I thought that Tom Felton was EXCELLENT as Draco Malfoy, he did a great job especially considering that a lot of his acting was non verbal in this one.
  5. Despite the fact that I haven't had time to get online, I HAVE been reading a lot lately. Sam has been clingy since he's still adjusting to the new house and everything, but when he is sitting in my lap in the morning or before bed watching TV, he will let me read a book and not try to take it from me. I recently finished The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon, which we read for book club. It was really quite good, I definitely recommend it. Right now, I'm reading Rage Against the Meshugenah by Danny Evans, starting The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold for one book club and The Brief & Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao for my other book club, and will soon start The Wonder of Boys. I was behind on my 52 books a year goal, but I'm catching up with all the reading I've been doing lately!
  6. One of the reasons I have time to write today is because my babysitter, who had a baby in late June, is back babysitting again! Yay! So, Sam's back to going to her one day a week so I can have an actual break. The last 3 weeks especially have been really tough for me, I really need this time to myself, and I'm so glad to have it again!
  7. We have 8+ apple trees of different varieties in our yard. Yesterday my Mom came over and we used Yellow Transparents to make applesauce! We made about 10 or 11 jars, Sam ate a whole jar when it was done, still warm from cooking. We can't wait to make sauce out of all the different types of apples and compare them. The stuff we made yesterday is light, yellow transparents are very white, and delicious, it sort of tastes like apple pie filling. Mmmm....
  8. Sam and I went blueberry picking on Tuesday with my Mom and we picked about 30 pounds of blueberries. I'm going to freeze some and dry some to use in breads etc. I got some beautiful photos of the flowers in the fields that they grow for bouquets at the farm, so I'll post some of those soon.
  9. I know I haven't posted a weight loss update in several weeks since I've fallen behind. I'm down 28.8 pounds - ALMOST THIRTY! It seems insane to me. I've been feeling a lot of feelings, like I am proud but at the same time I'm annoyed that I can't lose more faster, and that I'm still so fat and blah blah blah. This week I had a GAIN of 2 lbs, but it was a combination of the fact that I went out to lunch and ate a good sized lunch, and that I was wearing jeans because it was cold and rainy. The next day I weighed myself at home and was the same as last week. I REALLY need to start going to the gym again, I have just been so exhausted over the last few weeks that it hasn't happened. We're getting settled in and back on a normal schedule, so I'll start penciling that in on the calendar.
  10. Now that we're all unpacked we can also start cooking in the kitchen again, and I need to make a menu plan. It will really help us eat better, we have not been eating great since we moved and the first couple weeks involved A LOT of fast food.
  11. Sam has not slept in his own bed since we moved, but last night my Mom babysat (yay for date night!) and she put him up in our bed after he fell asleep and he didn't wake up pretty much all night. That is a good sign, I think that soon we will try putting him in his own bed after he falls asleep and see what happens. It would be nice for Justin and I to sleep in the same bed again - he has been sleeping on the couch a lot because he's afraid his alarm will wake Sam up too early then I'll be stuck getting up with him.
  12. Since we moved we have cable and have been watching Noggin. We have discovered the fun of Miss Spider and Jack's Big Music Show and I am totally in love with Laurie Berkner. She's so great, and fun! I want to get a CD, but haven't been able to get to a big enough store yet. Maybe today!
  13. I haven't been commenting on everyone's blogs - but I HAVE been reading. It's been crazy and my feed reader has been out of control, but I think it's mostly back under control now, so I will be coming around and giving bloggy love again. I still love you guys!

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Mighty M said...

Almost 30 pounds - that is awesome!! Congrats!! So fun that you have fruit trees in your yard.. The Lovely Bones is one of my favorite books. Enjoy! ;-)

Kori said...

Almost 30 pounds depite all the stress? You amaze me! I, too, loved The Lovely Bones, I am glad Sam is settling in some now, the playdates sound like SO much fun for everyone, and 30 pounds of blueberries? I am officially jealous. Glad you are back around, and I have missed you.

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

I'm still here. I kept checking to see if you'd written anything.

Despite all your craziness, I'm glad you had the opportunity for a girl's night and play dates. It's always good to have a little me time so you can take care of yourself. By the way, I love your thirteen thursday idea.

Did you write a SYTYCD synopsis about the finale?

Enz said...'re back. You were missed.

It sounds like life is settling down. There are so many pluses where you are. The house is gorgeous!!!

Apple trees and lots of room for Sam to can't get better than that :)

Dumblond said...

There you are! Glad to have you back. I figured it was from all the moving stuff you had to deal with.
Looking forward to more posts!

Bunchy said...

I think I might have some Laurie Berkner CDs around here that my kids have outgrown. I'll look and if I do, you can totally have them.

I'm a new reader, but looking forward to more!

Equidae said...

congrats on your weight loss you are doing great and remember that usually the slower you loose it the slower will creep back up :)
I am so glad that u r settling in and a menu plan is great! I do a men myself otherwise i would never cook hehe
hey send over some berries to me yumm we dont get them relly in Malta i.e locally grown and they are sooooo expensive to buy a vey small amount! sigh

Mimi said...

I'm so glad to read all of your updates!