August 24, 2009

Project Runway Welcomes you to LA

Soooo... I know I just started a new feature last week with the journal entries/letters. But something happened and I am away from home because I got the chance to come visit my BFF Violet overnight, so instead I present my 1st Project Runway recap of the season!

I am so excited that Project Runway and Top Chef BOTH came back last week! This season brings some major changes on PR - a move to Los Angeles and a move from Bravo to Lifetime. I feel like Lifetime got pretty lucky on this one. The show is also paired with "Models of the Runway", a reality show about the lives of the models who "compete" on the show. It was on after PR, but I didn't watch because I don't really get how it's going to be that interesting.

So, here are my first impressions of each contestant...

Ra'mon from Minneapolis seems very interesting, and quite smart.

Logan from Seattle is cute, and perhaps a bit cocky.

Jonny is a recovering meth addict.

Gordana is from Charleston and is foreign.

Malvin proclaims himself as androgynous. Really Malvin? I just CAN'T BELIEVE that people would say that about you...

Carol Hanna's name is too long, but her description of her style as "pixie meets cocktail party" has me interested.

Qrystal. I don't have much to say about her yet because I was totally distracted by her name and it's spelling.

Shirin is gorgeous. She likes something, but all I wrote down is 'likes'. I guess she was too pretty for me to pay enough attention.

Nicolas is from NY, NY and apparently had a dress on the cover of Vogue.

Mitchell is from Savannah.

Epperson just has one name (like Madonna) and is 49 years old. He has children older than some of the other contestants.

Christopher is from Shakopee, which makes me think of the movie 'Cars' and the lost mini-vans.

Ari is from Mars Kansas City, MO.

Althea from Dayton interned at Vivianne Westwood and I can't decide if she is cocky or just confident.

Irina is also from NY.

Louise likes vintage and I liked the snapshots they showed of her work.

Of course we already know Heidi & Tim.

Challenge: Create a Red Carpet look that is innovative and represents your point of view.

They were preassigned models for this challenge, so they won't make choices on that until next week.

I noticed Christopher's sketches because they are totally adorable with little cute heads. If he fails as a designer maybe he can do something with those.

Ari pronounces that she 'doesn't sketch' and apparently waits for the garment to speak to her from the nothingness in which it resides. Also, her outfit makes me want to stick a fork in my eye.

Jonny breaks down a few minutes in to the first challenge and Tim has to give him a 'you beat drugs, you can make clothes' pep talk. Really? I'm not sure how good his chances are if he's cracking under pressure in the first episode... but he goes on to create one of the better looks this week, so maybe I'm wrong. I like it how Tim is like their psuedo dad while they're on the show. I totally want to hang out with him.

Speaking of which, there is a 'Make it Work' sweepstakes you can enter on the Lifetime site and the prize is a trip to NY for lunch w/Tim Gunn. SO entering!

As we get to know the designers, we find out that Christopher is not formally trained. As in, he has no schooling in design, and we will get to watch that play out as a theme this season as he tries to figure out what everyone is talking about.

As Ari designs her 'dress' Tim comes in and says it looks like a diaper, and I think it looks like a plush soccer ball from space. She wears another ridiculous outfit that I hate.

The guest judge this week was Lindsay Lohan. I get that she has 'a line' or whatever, but really? I wouldn't consider her one of the top people to judge good fashion after all the photos that have been taken of her in... less than desirable threads.

The models come out and walk. You can see photos of each design here, rate the design to automatically be taken to the next one. Basically, Althea did Old Holly wood. I didn't get Gordana or Malvin's dresses. Mitchell, who was forced to send a practically nude model down the runway in a see-through piece of fabric after his model's measurements were off by "5 inches", did better than I thought he would with what he had. I liked the skirt on Louise's dress and I thought Christopher's dress was cute. Ra'mon, Epperson & Jonny had the best dresses in my opinion. They were the most believable as red carpet ready for me. I liked Shirin's dress and LOVED Irinas, I thought it was gorgeous. Ari's dress? All I could think was "Hell No." Carol Hanna's dress didn't appeal to me, but it wasn't bad. Qrystal? No. Nicolas was a maybe for me, and Logan's was just Eh.

In the end, Ra'mon, Jonny & Christopher were the top three, and Christopher proved that formal training isn't everything when he won the first challenge.

The bottom three were Qrystal, Ari & Mitchell. For Mitchell, it was bad luck. For Qrystal... well, Michael Kors called her dress 'schizo' and like 'two different dresses stitched together.' As for Ari? He called her dress a disco soccerball, and I totally agreed with Lindsay Lohan (!) when she said that designers need to have an awareness of what is acceptable & appropriate. In the end, I rejoiced at never having to see another one of Ari's outfits when she was eliminated.

What was your favorite look this week?


April said...

It was so nice to have PR back on! It's too soon for me to pick favorite designers (there's way too many of them), but I was relieved that the nutcase went home first. I was afraid they'd leave her on for "good tv."

Mighty M said...

I've never seen this show, so I am just going to say "Hi!". ;-)

Momo Fali said...

I have watched Project Runway a couple of times and really liked it, but I keep forgetting about. I need to tape it and watch it when I get a chance. Ha! Like my kids ever give me a chance!