August 20, 2009

Life Goals

I've been thinking lately about my "life list", and thinking about compiling a long, ongoing 'to-do' list of sorts filled with all the things I want to do in my life. So, for Thursday Thirteen today, here are 13 I've thought of so far!

13 Things I Want to Do This Lifetime
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1. Take horseback riding lessons, and eventually own a horse.
2. Learn Spanish.
3. Bake a perfect souffle.
4. Finish a novel and have it published.
5. Visit Australia.
6. Train a dog.
7. Re-learn to play the piano.
8. Run a 1/2 marathon.
9. Make a quilt.
10. Help my child(ren) so they can study abroad during college.
11. Take a mother-daughters trip with my Mom & sister somewhere abroad.
12. Visit a volcano.
13. Visit all 50 states.

What about you? What things - mundane or fantastic - do you want to do during your lifetime?

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Equidae said...

my to do list at the moment includes: quitting work, enter a choir, do photography classes, do voluntary work with the local stray dogs ass., continue belly dancing, become a yoga instructor....but really there soooo many things :) in life i'd like to do@

Suburban Turmoil said...

This is great! A bucket list, sort of. :)

I definitely want to travel more- visit Italy and France and Spain and China and Japan.

Mimi said...

I want to beat my bi-polar & lead a 'normal' life.

LceeL said...

A list like that deserves to be more than 'top of the head'. But I DO know that before it's all over, i want to go back to Trinidad and Ireland and London. And I want to visit the castles along the Rhine.