August 19, 2009


Lucky Justin was awake and answered his phone right away when it rang at 3 AM.

Lucky he made it to a house and stopped driving without freezing up or being confused or getting in a car accident.

Lucky the house he stopped at was home to a very generous and caring couple who took him in.

Lucky he was alert and with-it enough to tell them who to call for help.

Lucky they let him stay there until his son could pick him up and didn't make the EMTs they called to check if he was okay take him away to the hospital.

Lucky Justin is familiar with some of the staff at the assisted living facility and talked to them.

Lucky he was still functioning though he had missed one for sure, maybe two, doses of his every-four-hours medication.

Lucky he didn't end up in the middle of nowhere.

Lucky he made it to a house even though he couldn't remember what had happened in the 8 hours he'd been who-knows-where.

Lucky he understands that this affects whether he's going to be able to drive anywhere by himself anymore.

Lucky the nurse who manages the medications doesn't want to give him doses to take with him anymore, so we don't have to be the bad guys.

Lucky he is okay.

Lucky he is safe.



Mighty M said...

Oh, how scary! So glad he is safe!

LceeL said...

Scary stuff. Really. We made my Mom give up her car for very similar reasons.

Equidae said...

I am sure it was very scary but I hope all will settle down quickly and you can carry on with your normal lives

Mimi said...


Dumblond said...

Oh my goodness! That is scary stuff...