July 17, 2009

Your Light Should Burn Forever

Haiku Friday

"I'm dying" her words
jump out of the screen, attack
my senses, I freeze

Six months and change since
I saw her last, and so much
has happened since then

I want her to fight,
to want to fight but words don't
seem to be enough

She sees no light, no
happiness, no reason to
prolong suffering

Pain radiates from
her, the physical pales next
to profound heartache

When 'forever' turns
to, 'not now, it's not right' and
your life's love is lost

When someone else makes
the choice for you, how do you
come out of that fog?

Last October, pills
and wine, saved only by dumb
luck and circumstance

Would I have known she
was gone? I wonder as she
speaks "I should have died"

My words fail me now
but she needs to understand
she is of value

How much she has to
give, how much she has given
or where would I be?

She has been sick for
a long time, now finally
a diagnosis

Leaves her void of hope
she doesn't want to try, there
is no cure, but hope

A way to live for
years, even decades without
another attack

In my head, I beg
her to accept the treatment
to fight, to thrive, live

I worry because
I love her fiercly, I see
the good inside her

Her love for people,
the way she commits full force
her heart so loyal

I wish she could see
the people she's lifted, how
much we care for her

I wish she could feel
our love as a physical
presence, she needs it

She is strong. Full of
fire, love and compassion
but her spirit wanes

Lord, help me. I don't
know where to turn, and I need
you beside me now

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Greyscale Territory said...

O help! This is like a prayer in so many ways! You have given this plea to the universe! I am sure you are heard!


jabblog said...

I hope this turns out the way you wish it to. It's so hard to let go and so hard to hang on.

Equidae said...

it sad yet beautiful...so many pray the same plea and I hope they all find peace..

GingerB said...

Hey, I know someone who has this condition, and he gets flares and takes chemo and steroids and then gets better, in fact he is doing really well, is about late 50s and lives a great life. I hope this person gets better too.

The Redhead Riter said...

I love poetry.

Stopping by from SITS to share the blog ♥ !

Have a great Saturday!

Dumblond said...

What a beautiful, but sad, poem. I hope your friend is able to pull though this tough time...