July 15, 2009

SYTYCD Top 12: Elimination Recap

I watched the Elimination Show last week, probably the same day it was on, but never got around to writing about it. We've been super busy with moving, but I'm going to try to stay up to date on the SYTYCD posts since it's pretty much the only thing I try to post on a regular basis right after the show. So, down to it...

The opening number was choreographed by Tabitha & Napoleon Dumo. The music was "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes. As my husband said, 'It was okay.' Neither of us was SUPER impressed, but we didn't think it was bad either.

Cat's dress? Just, no. Way too similar to that weird pink collar dress she wore a few episodes ago. Maybe I am out of the fashion loop and that style is actually in right now, but it just looked like something from the sixties or something. Also, why does she need to wear such high heels? Isn't she already like eight feet tall?

It was really a bummer that they couldn't get the music cleared to do a Michael Jackson special. That's a tribute I would have LOVED to see, and it would have been spectacular. I like that they addressed the rumor right there with the real reason and what happened, and that was that.

Last week, we came to a part in the season that I sort of dread. It was the last week that the judges make the decision as to who stays and who goes. This is where it really morphs from being about the best dancing on the show to being about America's FAVORITE Dancer. I have mixed feelings about it because I tend to prefer reality shows where the judges choose using their expert opinions (ie Top Chef, Project Runway).

I was 2/3 right about the bottom 3. I guessed correctly that Jason & Caitlin and Melissa & Ade would be there. I did not guess that Phillip & Jeanine would be there. Their jive was so good! But I guess the Russian thing just didn't appeal or something.

During the show recap I was thinking about how much I absolutely love Wade Robson's choreography and miss him being on the show more often. I hope to see him back again this season.

I liked it when Nigel explained how they do the judging, that they decide ahead of time, but they DO consider the solos and it can change their minds. Also, I like that they judge in the positive - instead of who should we cut, they consider who should stay on the show.

They had audition highlights this week instead of a featured dance style, which was kind of blah. I like when they feature dancers from different styles who are the best of the best. Having audition highlights instead is basically just showing a commercial during the show.

Caitlin danced her solo to "Stand by Me" performed by Playing for Change.

Jason danced to "Calm Touching" by Evaline. I was taken aback by his passion and hard hitting-ness (shut up, it's totally a word now). I felt like he danced hard and really put his heart into it.

Jeanine danced to "Baby's Romance" but Garneau. She was good, and had a lot of feeling in her routine.

Phillip danced to "The Diva Dance" from The Fifth Element. I absolutely LOVE that scene in The Fifth Element, it's one of my favorite movie scenes ever. I thought he was wonderful.

Melissa danced to "Kashira" by Kodo. I felt like her choreography had too many tricks in it.

Ade danced to "Window Dipper" by Jib Kipper, and danced well.

After the solos I was pretty sure Caitlin was going, but it was hard to decide who would be going on the guys side. DJ David Guetta and Kelly Rowland performed "When Love Takes Over" as the judges deliberated.

Both decisions were unanimous this time. For the girls, Caitlin was at the end of the road. I totally agree with what Nigel said - this has been the best top 20 in terms of technique, but none of them have become a star yet.

Then... the guys. I didn't know who I was rooting for until they called his name. Phillips face during the judging reveal just broke my heart! I was SO sad to see him go, and his goodbye speech was really touching. I will miss him on the show.

So this week I think we start partner swapping, which is always interesting! I promise my recap will be WAY more timely this week!


Mighty M said...

I love Tabitha and Napoleon!!

MochaTrina said...

I so totally agree about the star thing. There aren't any. I doubt we'll go to the live show for season 5. I'm just not feeling this season. But I will watch til the end.

I love that scene in the 5th element too. I actually try to sing it with the diva. It sounds like a hot mess though. I love that movie period and love the fact I got it out of the $5 bin at Walmart.