July 20, 2009

Old News

I wasn't going to do this. I wasn't going to write a post about Dr. Tiller. I heard about it, and I was sad. I realize at this point it's old news, but I am still so outraged that I need to finish what I started, and publish what I've written.

I wasn't going to write about how ironic it is that people who are "pro-life" think that ending a life is a good way to go about spreading their message. I wasn't going to write about how I don't understand selective humanism. Do you care, or don't you? I wasn't going to write about how I disagree, or how it shouldn't be called pro-life, because really, who ISN'T pro-life? I wasn't going to write about how no one is pro-abortion and how much women struggle with ever reason for it. I wasn't going to write about how fucking awful it would be to be forced to carry that baby - the one made against your will by the stranger, the date rapist, the father, the brother.

But then I started to read. I read what are undoubtedly some of the most heart wrenching, awful stories ever. About late term abortions. I am talking about the most heartbreaking choice ever. A choice that must be made by horrified, hopeless mothers and fathers. A choice that isn't a choice - how do you choose between two lives? What value is there in preserving a life that will only be full of pain and suffering, short lived and awful when continuing it could kill you? It's enough to make me vomit even thinking about it, thinking about the pain and the indescribable awfulness of it all. Even if you survive it, you still suffer, you are still in pain and suffering, but at least your baby isn't.

So, where will these women go now? Is it really possible that so many can turn their backs on these mothers and fathers in the exact moments they need it the most? That people will put an agenda ahead of real suffering, of real need for mercy and love? It's just disgusting.

Do people even think about this stuff?


Tooj said...

No, they do not. They simply cannot get past that indeed, there are some who use abortion as a form of birth control. And because of these "some", they are unwilling to see or understand that there are OTHER circumstances that might lead a woman or couple to this point. And ending life to make a point about pro-life is obviously not the correct solution, or a solution that warrants you capable of EVER understanding. An eye for an eye should come during final judgment, NOT from fellow man. Your post speaks clearly, and it is well-received by those who can comprehend the struggle that some must face.
Happy Monday.

Kori said...

You know I agree, right? WHO GETS TO SAY? Grrr......thanks for going on ahead and publishing this. People as a whole need to just-stop. Stop trying to dictate what other people should do based on their own morals or beliefs or whatever. Stop trying to impose those beliefs on everyone by saying the issue is a black and white one and is WRONG. Horseshit.

Mimi said...

I'm so proud of you for publishing this! I'm totally with you!