July 24, 2009

In Court

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Haiku Friday

Her desperation
is real, solid and pungent
alive and painful

Her days no longer
relaxing, no escape from
terrible shadows

As air thickens, I
try to imagine never
being truly free

Comprehension fades,
fear invades reality
my reality

Frustration, anger
confusion, no solution
it seems so unfair

If I could have one
wish today, I'd sweep her up
her daughter too and

we would fly away
somewhere sunny, no more fear
or glances behind

I can't take her though
and today the system shows

Her desperation
won't end here, all I can do
is pray for mercy

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Equidae said...

such sad! I should post a couple of my poems hehe mayb will get round it next week!

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

So sad and melancholy yet beautiful at the same time.

I wish I could do Haiku. But I don't have the patience. So I guess I'll just enjoy yours!

Dumblond said...

Is that about something you encountered in your new calling? How sad...

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