July 2, 2009

The Good and the Weird

So, the good news is, we're moving. This month. Yeah, it's quick, but as you may have noticed by yesterday's post, it has to be that way. We are finally going to be moving to Justin's childhood home. When we first talked about moving there, I was really unsure. It is a log house and just didn't fit my style. As I started to look at it and think of my stuff in there, over the past year, I have sort of fallen a little in love with it, and come to appreciate how beautiful it is. I wish I had better pictures I could show you, but for now these are the only ones I could find. After we move, I'll take a bunch of pictures so you can see the house, specifically my very favorite room, which is the living room. It has a two story ceiling and a beautiful artful picture window, a brick half wall and a gas fireplace/stove.

The first two pictures show the front of the house, and in one of them you can see the pool in the background. That's right, a pool. Which Sam will undoubtedly want to be in every minute of every day. The third picture is inside the house, Justin and Sam playing on the stairs. To the left of that is where the big living room is, and behind him you can see one of my other favorite things, a stained glass window in the staircase.

So, being the anxious person I am, I totally wish I had some boxes so I could PACK. RIGHT. NOW. But I don't, so I'll have to be a tiny bit patient. We do need to move everything by July 31, and be totally out of our current place. Justin's Dad has a pickup truck so we should be able to start making trips with loads of stuff soon, and with a lot of help from my Mom when she gets back from vacation (watching Sam so we can work), we should be able to do it.

Now the weird part... when Justin's Dad finally came around to talking to us about moving in, he brought up the possibility of Justin's 18 year old nephew living with us. He graduated high school this year and is going to be going to school in Bellingham. I didn't have a problem with it, he is a good kid, and he and Justin get along really well. Little did I know... Justin got home from working out details etc. with his Dad last night and told me that it's going to be us... PLUS TWO. That's right, not only is Justin's nephew going to be living with us, but so is his friend. Who has the same name as him.

If you know me, you may imagine that I freaked. the. fuck. out. There is so much about it that is not ideal, that I am not "okay" with. But, we just have to work it out. We don't have a choice. My HOPE is that maybe the two college boys will want to have their room out in the garage. It wouldn't be too hard to insulate & drywall and put in some kind of rug or flooring. They would have WAY more space out there, but they WOULD have to come into the house to use the bathroom & kitchen. So, we'll see. That would be ideal, because then we would still be able to have a playroom downstairs and we'd end up with an extra bedroom so we could actually have people stay with us.

If they don't want to do that, then it's going to be a lot more of a bummer and we're going to end up probably losing the downstairs family room, which I was looking forward to setting up. In which case, we'd probably still finish the garage a little to have a big playroom out there. So, we'll see. It's all details.

The bottom line is that we don't have a choice. Yes, it feels unfair to me that after waiting a year and having so many financial problems that we are now bankrupt and flat broke that we have to move in with two other people, one of whom I've never met. It feels unfair that I have to deal with living with people who aren't really roommates but aren't really unlike children in the house either. I honestly have no idea how to deal with it, and I'm annoyed at the prospect of not being 100% comfortable in my own home.

It's just the way it has to be right now. In the end, maybe all of this will end up being a blessing... somehow. I'm feeling a lot right now, grateful, relieved, anxious and unsure all at the same time. The house is out in the county on 10 acres, which means we'll no longer be living five minutes from everything like we are now. It's probably 10-15 minutes to get to the mall, which is at the north end of Bellingham, so we're going to have to adjust that way. Justin will no longer be working literally 2 minutes from home, which will affect our schedules. Just like any move, it'll be some big adjustments, some will make things easier and some won't.

I could probably go on and on about it, but I think I need to get ready for the day.


Megan R. said...

Wow! That's a lot to take on! Are the two boys paying rent or anything? What about the bills, food etc? Are they contributing to that, or do you have to support them? I'll keep my fingers crossed that they want the garage! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Michelle said...

A month to move ,Fingers crossed for a good move.

Kori said...

It is okay to feel the feelings, to be bummed about certain parts of it; the rest is going to fall into place, I believe, and you will figure it all out as you go along. I will be thinking of oyu, more htan you know, as you make this huge transition.

Tooj said...

I have often thought that the "way we live" is going to revert, at some point, to a more old-fashioned existence of generations living under one roof. And I think you stating that it could end up being a blessing is right. These boys might end up showing you a mature approach to the situation and what you're giving THEM they could return. They might be very helpful around the house and having more than one man to do the "men's work" might pan out nicely. :) I think a positive approach (that you're getting TO....I hear it in your "voice", LOL) is the best approach. I wish you luck and keep your chin up. It will become what you MAKE it become. Happy Thursday.

Enz said...

I think you're going to be just fine :) You've already recognized it's not a perfect situation, that's the hardest part. It sounds like you will make the best of it and from your previous posts you seem to do that really well in most situations, this won't be any different.

Take one day at a time..they may not stay long or they may be out all the time.

Set some "house rules" so everyone is on the same page about sharing the bathroom and kitchen and common areas.

Hope your move is good!

Mimi said...

I pray that it works out ok for you. I hope you can look at it as an exciting adventure!

Equidae said...

Take it slowly day by day and dont worry too much about everything. Speak to the boys and see about their accommodation BEFORE moving and so you can do your preparations accordingly.

Dumblond said...

I am so frackin' happy for you! And while it's not the ideal situation to start with, you never know how these things will work out. And hello?! Two extra sets of hands for ten acres?! Put those younguns to work!!